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2016 Bachelorette Pad Flip Recap

What a year 2016 was. It was a gigantic transitional year for me. While deep in the heart of Flip 3 at Mac’s House, I made a life-altering decision. I left my career. Ditched it. Haven’t looked back, and I’m infinitely more happy. But with that transition comes so many changes, but this new life of being a Realtor, joining the family business, and helping people with real estate transactions has been so enjoyable.


Now that my work schedule is totally different, my nights and weekends aren’t dedicated to house flipping- I’m usually showing property. Instead, I spend my mornings and afternoons doing projects. And what a year for projects it has been! 2016 brought multiple challenges at Flip 3, but the house started coming together. I was able to mark off several projects on my to-do list!

I am proud of the BIG projects I accomplished in 2016!


1. Giving Mac’s an Exterior Facelift

I took a dated, blah brick exterior and modernized this ranch with a fresh gray. I also wiped out the country blue siding by painting it white. The exterior is one of the most dramatic changes that have happened at this flip!


2. Project Kitchen Layout Change

The exterior wasn’t the only thing that received a big change this year. I am more proud of this change because about 95% of the change was done all by myself. My favorite projects are one where I begin by second-guessing myself and end with “Dang, I did that.” That was this project. Removing that dated peninsula and adding more cabinets along the wall drastically changed the function and look of the kitchen.


3. Operation Open Concept

This was the year of projects with HUGE impact! Before I ever purchased Mac’s house, I knew that long dividing wall between the kitchen and living room had to go. It cramped the rooms and really wasted a lot of space. This was a project I hired out, but well worth every penny. The house is now so bright with natural light and function of both rooms has changed for the better.


4. Floored.

I was floored in 2016 (pun intended) by the massive amount of changes- both big & small. But one of my favorites was the restoration of 50 year old hardwoods and the addition of matching hardwoods. I always say paint gives the most bang for your buck, but if you have original hardwoods, restoring those definitely gives the most bang for your buck. I’m still astounded by how well of a job they did restoring them!


5. Shiny New Windows

Replacing windows is never my favorite thing to do in a flip. I love when I don’t have to do that, but they are essential in a resale to promote new, energy-efficient windows. Replacing the outdated windows with new windows helped with energy and the curb appeal. It was a big change that I’m glad I did…but I wouldn’t mind not having to do it at another flip!


6. Splurging on Modern Retro appliances

I don’t splurge on flips. I don’t buy high end. It does not make any sense. But when you’re doing a modern retro flip with the sole intention of restoring its original retro charm, you splurge on a new series of modern retro appliances. I have LOVED these appliances. The hint of retro, the energy efficiency, and the quality makes these worth the splurge!


7. New Kitchen Countertops

Replacing countertops in a bathroom or kitchen always enhances a space. Once again, I chose a laminate due to cost, but I’ve loved them. Again, I chose a sleek gray to stand out from the painted cabinets. When I think of the kitchen I started with and the kitchen today, I can’t even believe it’s the same space!


8. Updated Retro Fixtures

In keeping with the modern retro feel of this home, I removed all of the light fixtures and replaced them with modern (safer) fixtures that hint of retro charm. I’m kind of weird in that I really enjoy picking out fixtures. I scour stores and websites to find just the right ones to enhance a space. The wrong fixture can greatly distract from the design.


9. Not So Normal Kitchen Island

Without a doubt, one of my most popular projects this year has been my not-so-normal kitchen island. The history and patina of the commercial cabinet adds instant character to the space. I have loved how useful it is, but more than that, I have loved the charm (and compliments!) it has brought!


10. Grandpa’s Room Reveal

One of the huge sighs of relief this year was actually finishing a room. It’s always such a relief when I finish a room. I feel like I gain a little bit of sanity back when I finish each room! With a little bit of effort, Grandpa’s room transformed into a perfect guest room (that never gets used)!


11. The Laundry Room Reveal

The project that gave me (and continues to do so) the most headaches was the laundry room. One problem, one curse word after another, but it finally (I sure hope I didn’t jinx myself) appears to be complete! The room desperately needed designation and updating, and with a simple addition (and a free cabinet), I did that!


12. Mac’s Room Reveal

Slowly but surely, rooms started coming together this year. The projects I had envisioned came to life. Mac’s Room (my room) is one of the coziest places in the house. With some decorating, painting, and TLC, the room is really one of my favorites.


13. Eat-in Kitchen Reveal

One of the spaces that was really overlooked for a long time was the eat-in kitchen area. But once I found the perfect birdcage light, thrifted the retro table and retro-inspired chairs, the little nook,  and the $2 mudroom, the space came alive! It serves so many dang purposes, but I’ve arranged it in such a way that it isn’t cramped, it isn’t awkward…it’s perfect. I use this space A LOT.


14. Green Bathroom Floor Transformation

It took a while, but I finally got started on a very daunting project- removing the existing tile and adding new tile to the green bathroom. It was so daunting because I had no idea what I was doing, but, again, I surprised myself with my ability. {One of the main things I love about house flipping} It was my last project before the end of the year. It took several steps, but, dang it, I did it! I’m excited for the new year to reveal the fruits of my labor!

Even though I accomplished so many projects– so many large projects–this year, I also grew my blog. I’ve interacted with my readers on Facebook. I’ve received extensive exposure from Hometalk. This was a great year for my little corner of the Internet. I was a Facebook LIVE host to Hometalk’s 1.8 million followers. I was also featured in Huffington Post and HGTV. It’s always fun and reassuring to be featured…to hear from readers…Sometimes I’m still shocked that people care what I’m doing over here in Arkansas. But I enjoy not only this crazy life of house flipping but documenting all the successes and failures on my blog. My year also included a trip to SW Florida where I scouted some real estate and investments…that option is currently on the back burner, but it’s my goal to make that a reality!

2016 brought monumental changes for my career and my flip. I’m not sure what 2017 will bring, but I’m excited for the adventure!


One thought on “2016 Bachelorette Pad Flip Recap

  1. You are one hard worker! Macs house turned out just lovely! and very similar to ours. I’m always looking for MCM ideas when I found you on Hometalk. I am not on FB, so I will only see you here. I must tell you that I am jealous you were able to remove that long dividing wall, for me it is not an option due to the house needing/getting more important work, esp for the area. I still love my MCM, even though I am also stuck with the blue tub and sink which I have now been looking for paint/decorating ideas for over 6 years. Tearing them out is not an option, nor is having them reglazed with a different color due to cost. I did feel blessed though, when I saw you put in the same floor I already have so it’s not all bad. Thanks for posting the pics and good luck with 2017 projects, you seem to be having a lot of fun!

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