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Green Bathroom: Countertop Dilemma

Finally, a post NOT about the floors in the green bathroom!

As I’m finishing up the floor transformation in the green bathroom, I’m starting to eye my next project. The countertop. I have been contemplating the countertop in this bathroom since Day 1. But, let me tell you, it’s proven rather difficult. Since I’m keeping the mint green wall tile, it greatly limits the color and style choice. From a price point, I know that I’ll be using laminate. My budget is all but blown on this flip, so I’m trying to stop the hemorraging of spending. At this price point, most comp homes don’t have upgraded countertops, so I feel safe using that, especially since I also used that in the kitchen.


I actually love the original, vintage speckled countertop, but since I have a plan to transform the vanity from a single to a double sink, I can’t salvage the original top. If price was not an issue at all, I chose my countertops immediately after buying the house. Formica’s Solid Surfacing Sea Glass is a perfect hint of retro nostalgia & colors with modern durability. But for the vanity top alone, it was going to be anywhere from $1200-$1500. That’s more than double what I spent on the entire kitchen. So, that option is out. But the mint green and turqoise specs perfectly match the mint green tile in the bathroom.20161218_170514.jpg

Since I was now limited to laminate, I’ve been scouring stores, Pinterest, blogs, and websites trying to find the perfect pattern. And it’s been SO difficult!


Luckily, Formica & Wilsonart provide free samples on their websites, so I ordered all of the possibilities that had potential. I laid each one on the countertop for quite a while, so I could get multiple looks at each one. I was hoping that the vintage speckle pattern had made a comeback. It hasn’t.


Wilsonart has created a fun, retro line that I thought might have some potential. I ordered their Retro Renovation in Aqua Ripple. Despite the name, it isn’t aqua blue. It’s more of a mint green. I really considered this option, but the busy pattern seem a bit too risky for a flip. And the mint green didn’t exactly match the tile, so it looked like I was trying to match but couldn’t get it just right.


On their website, Wilsonart’s Platinum Shagreen looked more retro speckle than it did in person. In person I found the pattern dizzying and just plain weird. And, again, unlike its name, it appears more gray than any shade of green.


Since I wasn’t finding the exact pattern I wanted, I thought maybe a solid colored countertop might be subtle and simple enough to not be overpowering with the green wall tile. I ordered Wilsonart’s Platinum. But it seemed way too boring.


I kept going back to the speckle idea. That seemed the most mid-century/retro inspired pattern, so I ordered Wilsonart’s White Nebula. While I actually really liked the pattern, the colors were more dominantly blue, it clashed with the mint green.


While I was on the solid color kick, I ordered Wilsonart Fashion Grey. It really wasn’t any different than the Platinum. It was slightly lighter, but hardly noticeable.


Another pattern that looked better online than it did in person was Wilsonart’s Titanium EV. It seemed a bit more 1990s than anything modern. It’s a good gray marbelized neutral, but it didn’t go with the retro theme at all.


Wilsonart also had another speckle similar to White Nebula, but the speckles were larger and more pronounced. Again, though, it was dominantly more blue, so it clashed with the mint green.


My final option was Wilsonart’s Leche Vesta. I actually really liked it, but I’m just not sure if it’s retro enough. It has a faux stone pattern in grays and white.

So after ordering multiple samples, I’m still no more closer to a decision than when I started. Why is it so hard to find a perfect retro-inspired countertop? Seriously, I bet there’s a market for that!


6 thoughts on “Green Bathroom: Countertop Dilemma

  1. Hello! I stumbled across your blog this holiday season. I’m a marketing communications manager at Wilsonart. Hoping we can help you out with your design dilemma. I’ve checked with our designers and here’s a few suggestions you might want to consider: Mint Compre or one of the Linen designs (http://www.wilsonart.com/search/keyword/linen)? You might find one of the linens to be close to the white tiles rather than trying to match the green.

    We also have a curation of designs in our Virtual Design Library. Try this link: http://www.wilsonart.com/laminate/virtual-design-library/spectrum and filter for ‘green’.

    If we can be of further help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at 800-433-3222 or smartline@wilsonart.com.

    Good luck!

  2. To keep it easy and simple, I personally would just stick with a white, or a marble look, and stay away from any greens or color. Habitat Restore is a great source and they have new countertops or tops with sink incorporated, one piece. Good luck. I know what a challenge finding the right piece can be.

  3. Wilsonart’s Leche Vesta reminds me of terrazzo flooring, which was very 1960’s here in Florida. I actually still like it and have seen it done on TV a couple of times in a tile. Was it hard to get the stuff from the backer board taping off the white wall tile border?

  4. I have a yellow bathroom tile and had the same speckled vanity top. I changed to the gray speckled in the foreground of your picture. It goes well with everything.

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