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More Green Bathroom Floor…More Backerboard

Are you tired of the green bathroom yet? Yeah, welcome to my world. It feels like that room has never-ending projects! But slowly, I’m at least getting the floor done which is CRUCIAL because I haven’t had a working shower in over 2 weeks.

At this point, I’ve cut the backerboard and laid it out on the floor like a puzzle. Once I had those first two steps done, I still had one more step to go on prepping the cement backerboard before it was tile ready.


Before I could actually lay the tile onto the backerboard, I had to seal the joints between the boards. That starts by using tape–but don’t grab your DuckTape! There is a specific type of tape designed for backerboard- FibaTape is more rubber and thick than regular tape.

2016-12-16 (2).png

I only needed one roll of tape. I just attached it like I was taping a present. One thing I made sure not to do was to overlap the tape where ends of the tape met. I didn’t want to have a higher bump when I added the tile. The next step involved thinset. I mentioned in my video I skipped the thinset underneath the backerboard, but the thinset is needed to “glue” the boards together, along with the tape.


The thinset is added on top of the tape. Since I had never done this before, I viewed this video to see it done before I actually did it. Once I felt like I kinda knew what I was doing, I attempted the thinset!


It wasn’t really difficult. I applied and then scraped the extra. Once I had it done, I let it sit overnight to fully cure. It has a very rough, sandy texture once it’s dry, so I learned not to get it too thick!

Now that the joints are sealed, the boring part is finally over! The prep work seems so ugly and boring, but it’s really important to have a solid base so that the tile works properly! Stay tuned for the next step…TILE [finally!].


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