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VLOG: How to Cut Cement Backerboard

Now that I’m full steam ahead on prepping the Green Bathroom for new floors, the project is starting to see some progress. What is important to note, this is the first floor I’ve ever done all by myself. In Flip 1, I had a boyfriend that helped with the cuts on installing a wood floor in the dining room– he cut and I installed. On Flip 2, I hired everything done except for my $50 floor. But as far as complete transformation all by myself, this is my first project. I think all my free help has been burnt out by all my projects!

If you’ve missed my previous posts, I have busted up the tile (and you can catch that Vlog here) and cut the puzzle of cement backer boards. My first experience with cement board was in Flip 2 in my DIY vanity top. I didn’t have the easiest experience because I had no clue what I was doing. However, with more experience and knowledge, this process was a lot easier this go around. And if you’re considering updating floors yourself and attempting a DIY vanity, this quick Vlog will show you how super easy and fast cutting cement backerboard can be!





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