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Review of the Albrillo LED Solar Light Motion Sensor

This is not a paid post. In fact, I paid for the Albrillo LED solar light. But, as with most things house related, I want to pass along my experiences and thoughts for your benefit. If you follow me on Facebook (I hope you do!), you know that I snagged this light on Cyber Monday for jut over $20! It’s normally $90.


The only light that I have outside of my house is my front porch light. It was one of my fun retro finds and it does illuminate the porch well. But it is not motion light, so when I get home from work at night, I’m fumbling in the dark. Sure, I could leave my porch light on all day, but I’m too cheap to spend that much on electricity! I love the idea of solar lights because they’re inexpensive and don’t contribute to my electric bill! I wanted a motion light that would activate when I arrive in the drive way and provide light from the driveway to the front door.

This particular solar light has the motion sensor option in 3 modes. 1. Dim light is always on. 2. Motion activated. 3. Bright light always on.   I was sold because of option 2.


This particular solar light isn’t huge, but I really appreciated the size of the light in comparison to the entire fixture was rather substantial. It will provide adequate light to the driveway and short little walkway at night.

This is super easy to install, BUT I actually had my handyman do it. That’s so unlike me, but I have about 399 other projects on the table right now, so I signed off on this one. Since it required climbing a ladder and attaching the light to the siding, I figured my handyman could install it. But, that’s not at all required. If you can use a screwdriver, you can easily install this! It comes with batteries, so that’s the only prep work required!


I wanted a place where it would easily illuminate the entire driveway, so I had him hang it directly above the garage door. I wanted it in the little nook below the siding, but it would’ve blocked too much of the solar panel.


On night one after he hung it, it was working well! The day he hung it was overcast and very cold with very little sunlight, but the light shined brightly at night! I noticed that as soon as the front of my car hits the end of the driveway, the motion light is activated.

Overall, I’m super happy with the price and the product. I bought it for one reason- safety and convenience at night, and it seems to do all of that. I’m really becoming a huge fan of solar lights because they are SO easy and affordable– you can literally create a light out of nowhere with solar energy!


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