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Old Schoolhouse Lighting

It goes without saying, I’m a sucker for old…especially older light fixtures. The milky glass globes and ornate designs really add charm to a space, I think.


I knew I wanted to add those charming fixtures to Mac’s house like I saw in This Old House. Unfortunately, they can tend to be quite pricey. And we all know I don’t like pricey. Fortunately, though, I caught a lucky break and found one on Ebay for less than $30! Within a couple weeks, I found another one on a yard sale site on Facebook– for $10! So TWO vintage-inspired light fixtures with the old schoolhouse vibe for $40!


The light I purchased on Ebay had a brushed nickel mount and beautiful milky glass globe. The curves and points of the glass globe just make me giddy about the old school style it brings to the space! I hung this one in the hallway next to the DIY This Old House art.


The fixture I purchased from the local lady remodeling her house (She actually took this OUT of her house??? Ugh!!) was oil rubbed bronze. The globe had the same similar lines but slightly different. The original light fixture had a slightly larger opening than the new one, so I found a ceiling medallion at a thrift store to hide that.


Getting two light fixtures hung is such a minor task marked off my ever-growing list, but, gosh, it feels great to get something marked off! Lately, it feels like all I’ve been doing is adding TO the list!


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