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The Green Bathroom Update

I was eager to get started on my DIY green bathroom remodel, and then I hit disaster in the laundry room. Again. So my attention, efforts, and money have been directed towards the laundry room. Again. Because the laundry room is selfish & doesn’t want another room to get all the attention. That and the house-flipping universe hates me lately.


I hadn’t finished tearing up the tile floor when the laundry room disaster happened. Again. So for quite a while, my bathroom floor (the only WORKING bathroom…the ONLY shower in the entire house….that I use every day) looked like this:


Have you tried wandering into the bathroom in the middle of the night and dodging broken tile? Tripping over uneven floors? It’s so normal to me now that I don’t even think twice about it.


But since I lived like this in Flip 1 for OVER a year, I’m not complaining about chaos for a couple months in just one room of the house. For over a year I lived without any type of flooring, walking on subflooring & dodging nails and dust. For over a year, it was complete chaos with saws, sledgehammers, ladders, and tools adorning every possible square inch of the place without a single piece of furniture or TV anywhere on the premises (except for my bed). I survived those conditions for a year, so I can survive a chaotic bathroom for a couple months!


Now that I have the tile up, the next step is to prep the floors. Some of the grout and thinset didn’t come up, so I’ll have to go through and hand scrape that off. Once I have all of that done, I’ll be pulling the toilet to get that last few pieces of tile that are underneath it. For the most part, the subfloor is in good condition which will help for the next step!

I say this all the time, it looks rough now. It always looks worse before it gets better. But I can see in my head how wonderful this floor will look once I have the new tile installed!


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