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Uncle Nuny’s Workshop

If you’ve been around the Bachelorette Pad Flip for a while, you’ve seen my uncle make a few cameos here and there. What started as a hobby quickly developed into a really awe-inspiring talent. Give Uncle Nuny a piece of wood, and he’ll create magic. And when you’re in the house flipping business, there couldn’t be a better thing!


Sometimes I just show up at his workshop with one of my out-of-left field projects. Like when I showed up with a cabinet door & asked for him to help me create a $1 DIY cabinet tray. With his help in making sure the holes were screwed in right, I then painted it. I LOVE how it turned out!


Sometimes I recruit him for bigger jobs, like when I had this super crazy idea to create a DIY vanity countertop. Sometimes I have really specific ideas and plans, and other times I tell him what I’m thinking and he’s comes up with the rest.


And when you have an uncle that makes furniture, you have really good pieces lying around. Like when I needed a good bench for my $5 mudroom in Flip 2. Uncle Nuny had previously made me this coffee table bench/storage cabinet, and it was the perfect addition to create a mudroom where one didn’t exist.


And if you follow me on Facebook, you already saw a glimpse of the latest project happening in Uncle Nuny’s workshop. This is one project that he may have thought was a bit out there, but he nailed it (pun intended) perfectly! Stay tuned for what that column turns into!

Knowing me and my ever-evolving ideas for houses, I’m sure there will be many more trips to Uncle Nuny’s workshop! I am so grateful that I have someone that loves wood working and does such a great job! His attention to detail and perfection creates some really awesome pieces and projects!


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