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Throwing Money Down The Drain

I’ve said it so many times, expect the unexpected in this house flipping life. Probably more so than any other house, Flip 3 is continuing to prove this statement. Just when I get started on a project like the Green Bathroom, I hit another setback. The curse of the dang laundry room just won’t leave me alone.


This little space has endured its share of water. Remember when I got the room mostly done and then it flooded? Yeah, that sucked.

Well, it has flooded again. And again. And again. So that really sucks.

When I do a small load in the washer, the toilet floods. When I brush my teeth, the toilet floods. When I wash my hands in the kitchen, the toilet floods. When I run the dishwasher, the toilet floods.


We have done every possible DIY fix for this problem, but I knew my luck with 50+ year old pipes might just be running out. And, sadly, I was right. Over the weekend, we crawled under the house and noticed that the large pipe that runs from the kitchen sink to the front of the house is sagging…almost touching the ground. This pipe connects to the pipe that runs into the laundry room forming a Y in the pipes.


Since the pipe has collapsed, it causing the water to run uphill to drain. I’m sure you know, water running uphill doesn’t happen. So, instead, it just all comes back up through the toilet.

And you know what I hate? This kind of crap. Hits that aren’t cheap and aren’t pretty! So, the short-term solution to fix this problem is to either repair [but probably replace] that pipe. I am NOT doing a full pipe replacement because I’d be upside down on this flip in a heartbeat, but at least updating a portion of the pipes helps with the resale value.

So while I still have ambitious goals of getting the green bathroom done before Christmas, it might not be realistic. I am now transitioning my efforts and money back to the laundry room bath…again. So if you’ve been wondering where some updates were….well, they all went down the drain the last couple weeks.



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