Gift Giving Season: Helping to Turn a House Into a Home

 This is me. Every year. Every holiday. For a long time, I resorted to gift cards, but I haaate giving gift cards because they’re so impersonal and statistically, most go unused.

And not everyone is going to be thrilled with a new Ryobi circular saw like me. Or new paint brushes. Not everyone is a DIYer. But I do love to help people turn their house into a home–it’s the Realtor and house flipper in me. But I’m not dumb enough to try to pick out a lamp they’ll like or artwork that they appreciate it.

Over the last few years a staple present has emerged in my gift-gifting arsenal.


Cutting boards.

So how on earth does a cutting board turn a house into a home? Those nights of sitting around with best friends with a glass of wine and a cheese tray. That’s a home.

Those nights of family over with gooey lasagna and fresh loaves of garlic bread being devoured while laughing about funny family stories. That’s a home.

When you don’t live near your family but you’re reminded of your family back home every time you slice something because you see your home state. That’s home.


I’ve purchased a United States shape for newlyweds living overseas away from her family. Even in a foreign country, she can still feel at home.

When I have the privilege of being someone’s Realtor, I always purchase the same closing gift- a cutting board and a thank you card. For some, it’s the first thing they’ve received for the new house.

2016-11-06 (1).png

Using some festive ribbon, I attach a pairing or bread knife or cheese slicer. Sometimes add a bottle of good wine. What a great gift to help someone make memories.

I’ve purchased cutting boards from Williams & Sonoma and Bed, Bath, & Beyond. The BBB price is better and they offer durable state design cutting boards that are my regular favorite!

I purchased the United States cutting board from Williams & Sonoma because the US shape was just so perfect for the couple living overseas.

2016-11-06 (3).png

But both BBB and W&S, both have a wide variety to help personalize your gift. Maybe you’re like me and NEVER know what to bring to the company Christmas gift exchanges, well for under $30, the Epicurean Christmas Tree cutting board couldn’t be an easier choice paired with a cheese slicer, fresh fruit, or wine.

2016-11-06 (5).png

A friend of mine has a staple wedding gift that I’ve always loved- the personalized cutting board from Williams & Sonoma. The first holiday as newlyweds–turning that little apartment, fixer upper house into a home during their first holidays together.

So if you’re dreading the holiday season because there’s always that one person that is so difficult to buy for- hopefully my staple gift will make that dread go away! I’m a house flipper- not a Martha Stewart, but I do feel like whatever place someone lives- it should feel like home. Girls night with wine and cheese, family pizza nights, or candlelit dinner for two, to me, turn a house into a home…and these personalize little gifts help with that!


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