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Old Schoolhouse Lighting

It goes without saying, I’m a sucker for old…especially older light fixtures. The milky glass globes and ornate designs really add charm to a space, I think. I knew I wanted to add those charming fixtures to Mac’s house like I saw in This Old House. Unfortunately, they can tend to be quite pricey. And… Continue reading Old Schoolhouse Lighting

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The Green Bathroom Update

I was eager to get started on my DIY green bathroom remodel, and then I hit disaster in the laundry room. Again. So my attention, efforts, and money have been directed towards the laundry room. Again. Because the laundry room is selfish & doesn’t want another room to get all the attention. That and the… Continue reading The Green Bathroom Update

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Uncle Nuny’s Workshop

If you’ve been around the Bachelorette Pad Flip for a while, you’ve seen my uncle make a few cameos here and there. What started as a hobby quickly developed into a really awe-inspiring talent. Give Uncle Nuny a piece of wood, and he’ll create magic. And when you’re in the house flipping business, there couldn’t… Continue reading Uncle Nuny’s Workshop

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So You Want Wood Floors…

A very typical conversation with a potential client goes like this: “What do you want in your home?” -Me “Blah, blah….and wood floors.” -Client And they aren’t alone. A vast majority of home buyers are looking for wood floors. They typically increase the selling value of a home. Not to mention, they are beautiful, especially… Continue reading So You Want Wood Floors…

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Throwing Money Down The Drain

I’ve said it so many times, expect the unexpected in this house flipping life. Probably more so than any other house, Flip 3 is continuing to prove this statement. Just when I get started on a project like the Green Bathroom, I hit another setback. The curse of the dang laundry room just won’t leave… Continue reading Throwing Money Down The Drain


Gift Giving Season: Helping to Turn a House Into a Home

┬áThis is me. Every year. Every holiday. For a long time, I resorted to gift cards, but I haaate giving gift cards because they’re so impersonal and statistically, most go unused. And not everyone is going to be thrilled with a new Ryobi circular saw like me. Or new paint brushes. Not everyone is a… Continue reading Gift Giving Season: Helping to Turn a House Into a Home

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Paying to Flip

I’ve been asked several times– “Should I attend one of those house flipping seminars?” “Did you attend one of those seminars?” The simple answer: No. Thousands of people are paying big money to attend these conferences, but what’s important to note is that you do NOT need to. I’ve said numerous times, based on the… Continue reading Paying to Flip