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The Teal is in the Details

By now, you know I’m accenting Mac’s Flip 3 with teal. I love the modern and retro vibe it brings. From the curtain pillows to the front door to the retro wallpaper art to the kitchen bling, I’ve been tastefully incorporating the teal in different parts of the house.


While on a recent weekend getaway, I was browsing some flea markets and junk shops (of course), and stumbled on two little items I’ve been on the hunt for! I love it when the thriftin’ stars align, and I find what I’m looking for.

Since I don’t have TONS of countertop space, I’ve been wanting to replace my countertop paper towel holder with a cabinet mounted one. I was expecting to find a cheap white one at a thrift store some where, but I got even luckier!


I found a teal paper towel holder. I know that seems so insignificant (because it is), but I was just a tad giddy that I found a paper towel holder to free up some counter space and it was the exact color I’ve been accenting with. [That metal thing? Stay tuned for a future post!]


Using a couple leftover screws I had, I attached the towel holder under the cabinet near the sink. I was really only looking for something to give me more countertop space, but I just love this unexpected additional nod to the retro era!


And does it hurt that it identically matches my retro-inspired cabinet pulls? Nope, not at all!


I spent $6 on this little accent, and that’s probably more than I would have normally spent…but teal? Oh, they had me at teal!




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