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Salvaged Lattice Panels

I’m fortunate enough to live down the road from a great little antique/junk shop. They have a huge range of expensive, rare antiques and junk. It’s the same place I purchased my popular kitchen island and vintage birdcage light fixture. Recently, I purchased several salvaged lattice panels– all for $10! I instantly knew I could repurpose them to create some accent pieces in the Bachelorette Pad!


Two of them happened to be the exact same size and in great shape. The lattice isn’t the premade/plastic kind you find at Lowe’s. Someone had nailed each board together and framed it to make a lattice panel by hand.


I took the two smaller ones that were matching in size and decided to give them a new, unexpected life! I really didn’t have to put forth a lot of effort (and no money!) to give them a completely different look!


I started by using my hand sander to smooth out the lattice boards. They had a rough texture that I wanted to smooth down. I then used a wallpaper brush to brush off all the dirt & dust from the panel. Once it was really clean, it was time to move on to the next step!


I created a whitewash mixture with some leftover white paint. If you’re looking for the perfect recipe for white wash, check out my old post here. Once I had the wash mixed, I applied a coat to the sides and front of the panel. I was lazy and didn’t add a wash to the back, especially since nobody will see the back of it!


After the first coat dried, I sanded and brushed it again. Then I added one more coat of wash. Once the second coat was dried, I sanded and brushed again. The entire process took less than an hour.


The spaces on the wall beside my TV had always bothered me. They appeared as such awkward, random space, and I have been looking for a good “filler.”  The salvaged lattice panels were the perfect filler!


Using a couple screws, I added a panel to each side of the TV. I just eyed the right spot on the wall–slightly taller than the TV.


I love how the wash, rustic finish came out. And for $10, I still have several more panels to use somewhere in the Bachelorette Pad!


I have been eyeing these pewter & copper metal baskets at Target to place on the floor beneath the lattice panels…maybe to hold blankets? Or live plants?


If you don’t have any salvaged lattice panels just lying around, this would be an easy DIY project with some premade lattice from Lowe’s and then create a simple frame.


5 thoughts on “Salvaged Lattice Panels

  1. Your project is lovely, but I do need to say you have given me a wonderful idea. You had your panel propped up by a trash can and I thought you were making a block for your trash can. I have been wondering what to do with mine and now I know. Thank you!

  2. Are you going to add something over the TV? Ornamental iron perhaps? A lightly white washed rusty piece the width of the TV would look nice and tie everything together.

    Great job!


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