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Trash to Treasure

I gave a teaser on my Facebook page earlier in the week that I had a piece of “trash” I was going to use in the kitchen. Of course, to me, it wasn’t trash at all, but to someone else it was.


This little space on my upper cabinets is a lot like the random space I utilized on my lower cabinets. Just wasted space. There is a functional use for this little space, and I’ve been eyeing options for months.


This dated little piece was left at one of our properties and was going to be thrown out. But look at those fun details! I could have chosen a simple, boring metal towel holder, but none of them that I saw matched the era of the home. Plus, I like little pops of retro! In its current state, however, it was filthy and ugly! So I soaked and scrubbed it thoroughly and then took some leftover spray paint and gave it new life.


I did not have a towel holder in the kitchen, and I hated always have it slung over my sink. With $0 out of pocket and rescuing something destined for the trash, I now have a functional accent on my cabinets!


I used leftover semi-gloss spray paint, and it’s the perfect color! Using just a basic picture hanging nail, I had this entire project completed in less than 30 minutes!


And that adorable fun retro-inspired dish towel? You can purchase it in my store, Mac’s Attic!


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