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$25 Lighting Hall of Fame

Since The Junk Ranch, my grown-up job of being a Realtor has been so busy lately. I’ve been working 12 hour days, and I’m so grateful the market is doing so well! But, projects at The Bachelorette Pad have taken a back burner. I’m nearing the home stretch which is great news, but the last two rooms will be big projects, so I’ll be going out with a bang!

Through all of my flips, one of the things that I have discovered that can quickly eat your budget is lighting. I usually scour for great clearance finds, but, sometimes, I just have to bite the bullet and pay retail. So anytime I can find great light fixtures that are affordable, I’m giddy! While perusing the virtual aisles of the lighting department, I discovered several great light fixtures under $25! From different designs, functions, and styles, I was surprised how many were available under the $25 threshold.


I love this industrial accent sconce! I’m thinking of adding it to the sunroom, but it would look cute in a bathroom or boy’s room as well. This cage style is really popular right now since the industrial design is all the rage. And we already know I’m a complete sucker for Edison bulbs!

2016-10-12 (3).png

If you’re looking for funky retro, these pendants are perfect! I’ve seen these in the store, and they are fun! I can imagine these would be great accents in a play room or over a soaking tub. I love the retro flair on them so much!


I absolutely love the simplicity and industrialism of these pendants! Above a kitchen sink or island, these would look great. Of course, they come in various finishes, but I love the brushed nickel. I’ve also since some DIYers spray paint the metal part to match their decor. I love them how they are though!


I run the risk of being a broken record, but I love the revival of the Edison bulb. The simplicity and nod to the retro is my design style. Even though the bulbs are slightly more expensive than traditional bulbs, I love the color & design they bring to a room. They can be added to lamps or just about any light fixture, but I love these staggered (electric!) fixtures with various style Edison bulbs. Since they’re electric and not hard wired, these can easily be added anywhere in a home! Imagine these hanging from the ceiling in a sunroom- such a fun & unexpected accent!


And in my research, I discovered one of the oddest things– a toilet nightlight. I mean, who knew that these existed? Of course, you can get any color you want. The light is motion activated. I’m speechless. I don’t know how I feel about a toilet lighting up beneath me in the middle of the night!

There were several other lighting styles that fell under the $25 mark- flush mounts, lamps, pendants, etc. Adding modern lighting doesn’t always have to break the bank- thankfully!




One thought on “$25 Lighting Hall of Fame

  1. I too really like the various lighting styles you posted. The Edison bulbs are awesome. But the icing on the cake is the toilet night light. I guess I’ve seen it all now! LOL! Thanks for the post.

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