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Junk Ranch Recap

I mentioned that I have been really preoccupied recently preparing for The Junk Ranch. It’s A LOT of work- weeks and months before the event. This was my 2nd time I’ve participated in the event, and I love it more each time.


Mac’s Attic is near and dear to me. It’s my little project, my creative outlet, that feeds my inner creator and honors Mac at the same time. I thoroughly enjoy my little shop- both online and my little booth at a local flea market. But, The Junk Ranch blows that little shop up. The massive amount of work and materials needed for the 2 day show can be overwhelming, but each show teaches me more about what sells and what doesn’t at this market.


I know we’ve all heard of Round Top, I’m sure plenty of us even have that on our bucket list (I know I do!). But, if you haven’t heard of Junk Ranch, you should really consider adding it to your girls trip bucket list too! Just minutes from Fayetteville, the Junk Ranch is literally in a huge field with a big red barn. Hundreds of vendors, massive amounts of junk, tons of creators and innovators…all in one place! It’s really a lot like heaven to me!


And if you’re looking for a super fun place to stay for next year’s shows, a fun 1950s inspired trailer park is opening just down the road from The Junk Ranch. Flamingo Springs is a nod to the retro era vacation style with restored vintage trailers and campers you can rent! I toured one of theirs, and I seriously can’t wait to make a reservation. I am betting it’ll fill up months in advance before Junk Ranch.


Imagine what fun you and your girlfriends could have staying in a fun retro camper and then junking all day!


I love being around junk. Those things people want to throw away. Those things that SEEM to have lost their lease on life. Those things most people overlook. Those are my favorite things–and houses too! Which is why I love being at The Junk Ranch so much. I’m around so many kindred souls.


This show was just phenomenal. I was so busy the entire 2 days. I brought my painted furniture, my new vintage-inspired items, and treasured vintage items from eras gone by. My booth was hopping the entire time. I sold ALL of my painted furniture— and quickly learned I need to up the amount of restored furniture. It always sells so quickly.


People always want to know where I get my treasures. I never reveal my sources, but I have been lucky in keeping a unique inventory of vintage and reclaimed items.


I spent 1.5 days prepping my little booth space. After 2 shows, I think I’ll be expanding my booth for the 2017 shows.  The Spring show is in June, and June in Arkansas is TORTURE. It was unbearable hot, but this fall show was perfect. Beautiful weather and that brought out the most people I’ve ever seen!

Y’all, the crowd was just insane. INSANE. I’ve never seen so many people. The traffic was backed up for quite a ways for over 5 hours. Not a break in the traffic for 5 hours. Just a constant stream. Some customers said they waited over 45 minutes just to get into the gate. But I’m so thankful they were patient!


My little booth was my treasured space, but there were so many awesome vendors. Some I have gotten to know through the shows, and there were new vendors as well.

After 2.5 looooong days, a slight sunburn, aching feet, and lots of sales, Junk Ranch 2016 season has come to a close. I heard so many people say how much they loved the event, my booth, and my favorite comment: “Your booth looks just like my grandma’s house!” And that’s my goal- to look just like Grandma Mac’s Attic.


I even scored a couple fun items for The Bachelorette Pad! I found two saloon doors (look at those scallops!) that I’ll repurpose into shutters for the sunroom. I also found a vintage teal (huge!) metal basket that I’ll use for decor in the sunroom.


As the sun set at the end of The Junk Ranch, I was unbelievably exhausted. But even through the exhaustion, I had so much fun seeing all the junk, reuniting with some of my favorite vendors, and meeting so many people that loved my little Mac’s Attic!



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    On Sun, Oct 2, 2016 at 7:40 PM, The Bachelorette Pad Flip wrote:

    > jmcmurr posted: “I mentioned that I have been really preoccupied recently > preparing for The Junk Ranch. It’s A LOT of work- weeks and months before > the event. This was my 2nd time I’ve participated in the event, and I love > it more each time. Mac’s Attic is near and dea” >

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