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The Teal is in the Details

By now, you know I’m accenting Mac’s Flip 3 with teal. I love the modern and retro vibe it brings. From the curtain pillows to the front door to the retro wallpaper art to the kitchen bling, I’ve been tastefully incorporating the teal in different parts of the house. While on a recent weekend getaway,… Continue reading The Teal is in the Details

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Salvaged Lattice Panels

I’m fortunate enough to live down the road from a great little antique/junk shop. They have a huge range of expensive, rare antiques and junk. It’s the same place I purchased my popular kitchen island and vintage birdcage light fixture. Recently, I purchased several salvaged lattice panels– all for $10! I instantly knew I could… Continue reading Salvaged Lattice Panels

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How To Remove Tile Floors

Sometimes when you buy a fixer upper or a dated home, you inherit ugly tile. Changing floors can significantly improve the appeal of a home, but before the new ones can be installed- those old ones have to be removed. Removing an entire floor can seem SO daunting and overwhelming, but it can be a… Continue reading How To Remove Tile Floors

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$25 Lighting Hall of Fame

Since The Junk Ranch, my grown-up job of being a Realtor has been so busy lately. I’ve been working 12 hour days, and I’m so grateful the market is doing so well! But, projects at The Bachelorette Pad have taken a back burner. I’m nearing the home stretch which is great news, but the last… Continue reading $25 Lighting Hall of Fame

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Junk Ranch Recap

I mentioned that I have been really preoccupied recently preparing for The Junk Ranch. It’s A LOT of work- weeks and months before the event. This was my 2nd time I’ve participated in the event, and I love it more each time. Mac’s Attic is near and dear to me. It’s my little project, my… Continue reading Junk Ranch Recap