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My Chalk Paint of Choice

Lately, there are so many varieties of paint available–we are longer limited to basic latex. Chalk paint, milk paint, egg paint…so many choices. But, as of right now, I’m firmly on Team Chalk Paint! My first impression of chalk paint was terrible. I could NOT see what all the rage was about….but I discovered something, it’s all about the chalk paint you choose!

waverly paint

I know that I am a broken record because I’ve expressed my love for Waverly Chalk paint several times before, but I absolutely love it! The price point is terrific [$5 a bottle!], the texture is on point, and the variety of colors is fun. I started with Lowe’s in-store chalk paint–almost $20/bottle–and hated it. I swore off chalk paint for several months after that. But a friend showed me a project piece she was working on and was using Waverly paint. So I opted to give it a chance. I’m so glad I did!


With Mac’s Attic, I am very frequently working on project pieces to sale. Waverly’s price point helps to keep my cost down and helps me to offer more affordable pieces. I tend to use their Pool Blue color the most because it’s so subtle and fresh.


But I love their other choices as well! I recently played with the Maize yellow & Silver Linings gray. You may remember I’ve already used the Silver Linings before, but I decided to use it just as an accent with a new project.


But what I’ve come to realize about Waverly’s Chalk Paint is that it’s not just for my project pieces. It’s one of the most versatile things I’ve discovered for my flips! Using chalk paint to paint laminate opens so many options in my house-flipping life…I no longer have to ditch ugly laminate cabinets in houses! That’s a game changer!


The versatility and price is what sold me on Waverly’s Chalk Paint. Cabinets, furniture, laminate- it has done it all for me and helped to significantly reduce the cost while doing it!

14045638_10102228578462897_7832094876215009744_n (1)

And my antique sliding door? Restored to its original charm thanks to chalk paint. I chose a basic white for the door and it looks new again!


And while Waverly has waxes, and I have used them, I really love the finish I get from Minwax’s Polycrylic finish. It doesn’t create a high gloss but enough that the total matte finish from the chalk is gone. I did, however, recently try Waverly’s Antique Wax. For my own personal taste, I don’t like my furniture to have an antique wax finish, but since I’m selling furniture, I do what sells. And distressed finishes sell!


For some reason, the pic looks a lot more brown than it is in real life. But I do like how the antique wax easily went on and wiped off. It was my first time ever using an antique wax, so I need to get a few more project pieces to perfect the art!


For me, chalk paint has revolutionized my DIY life. I know, chalk paint has been around for a long time. But, like I said, I boycotted it for a long time, so I’m just now coming around to how awesome it is. It dries SO quickly. It adheres to so many surfaces. And it’s easy. Combine that with Waverly’s super cheap prices, and I’m sold!



8 thoughts on “My Chalk Paint of Choice

  1. I recently purchased some Waverly chalk paint because of the reviews you have given it. I have a couple of projects I am gonna try it out on. I’ve never used chalk paint before but considering the price I figure if I mess it up I’m not out to much! Lol keep your fingers crossed!

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