Junk Ranch Prep

I’ve been slightly MIA from home remodel projects lately because The Junk Ranch is coming up in 2 weeks. I participated for the first time in the summer. Despite the fact that it was hotter than blazes in the Arkansas sun, it was a lot of fun! You may recall I started a little online shop, Mac’s Attic. Mac’s Attic is my way of cultivating the love of old things. Vintage things. Things that wish they were old. Since Mac’s Attic evolved I’ve played around with its format, and I’m currently operating through Facebook and Ebay. So far, I like this format because both mediums reach such broad and diverse customers!

But, Junk Ranch, it’s my chance to meet the people that are buying the old things I’ve proudly displayed. They are the people that treasure junk like me. They are the creative ones that want unique decor in their home rather than store bought, dime-a-dozen stuff. So Junk Ranch is good for the soul!


What I get to do through Junk Ranch that I don’t get to do through my online shop is showcase my love of old furniture. Seriously, if it was in someone’s Grandma’s house, guaranteed I’ll love it. Even if it’s rough and scratched up.


There’s not a lot better than taking something that had no appeal and giving it new life! And that’s what I’ve been doing the last couple weeks. I’ve been hard at work prepping my inventory for The Junk Ranch.


I’ve been salvaging treasures and trinkets that I know someone will love. Things of yesteryear that do not deserve to be thrown away. I’m the middle man- I bring these old forgotten treasures to the customers and they get new pieces they love.


I really don’t discriminate on what I’ll allow in Mac’s Attic shop. Linens. Furniture. Art work. Tools. Anything that reminds us of Grandma’s house or years gone by, I’ll claim it and give it new life and hopefully, a new home!


I’ve also been fortunate enough to work with some great vendors that keep me stocked with so much cool stuff– that wishes it was old! My vintage-inspired items are just as popular as my vintage items. My dish towels are a steady seller and were wildly popular at the last Junk Ranch.


So for the next couple weeks, you can find me clearing out my garage and storage building of project pieces I’ve accumulated. They’ve patiently been waiting on their new life and soon they’ll have a new home!


If you don’t get to visit Junk Ranch, that’s okay. Many items are still available to you via my online shop! Be sure to follow Mac’s Attic on Facebook which is where we post our products, sales, and events. And, of course, follow Mac’s Attic on Ebay too!

And if you’re not already following me on Facebook, I’d love for you too!


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