Let Me Formally Introduce You…

In the shadows of Flip 1, Flip 2, and Flip 3 has been my ever faithful companion. He isn’t really known for his DIY ability, encouragement, or design skills. Honestly, he’s way more of a liability than an asset in this house flipping business. But don’t let that fool you. I often find myself bouncing ideas off him– Should I choose Crystal Stream or Heaven for the paint color? Would it look weird if I painted my brick fireplace? I’m so #!@% annoyed at this contractor– isn’t he such a jerk?

Never does he respond. Like I said, he’s not really an asset in this house flipping business.


Meet Duncan [the Donut].

Another thing to note about my companion, he is extremely overweight. Bless his heart. We’ve tried just about every feline diet, but he’s just big boned I guess.

He tends to avoid any and all work. He’s adamant that he doesn’t want to be present on work days. He sulks when there is major destruction or construction going on. He really only wants one thing: to sleep in his spot on the couch. And food. Okay, he really wants two things.


Since I live in construction zones while I flip houses, you can imagine how thrilled that makes Duncan. He hates it. He isn’t shy about letting me know that he does NOT enjoy contractors, saws, hammers, people…he just wants his silence to sleep and eat.

It is interesting living in a construction zone with a cat. I have to be careful to keep him out of rooms that are being demolished–like when we had Operation Open Concept. He was infinitely annoyed that week, as you can imagine. When I have projects like that going on, I just keep Duncan in another part of the house, and I caution my contractors that he can’t get out. During Flip 1, if you recall, I lived in complete and utter chaos construction for a year. Saw dust everywhere, no floors, one working toilet, no stove, no furniture…it’s the roughest living conditions to date for me. And let me tell you, it took a good year to get in Duncan’s good graces again.


I’ve had Duncan since he was a wee little kitten. He was actually the runt– although one wouldn’t guess that by his waist size now days. But even as a kitten, he felt entitled to food.


There has been no other soul, besides my parents, that has seen me through all three flips. And my parents haven’t had to live in chaos. He has an attitude 99% of the time and really finds humans to be annoying, but he’s stuck it out with me through every major and minor chaos in this house flipping life. Sure, it would so much easy to not have a pet when you live a house flipping life, but it would be so lonely. I mean not that he really likes me- he prefers if I’m not around…but still, I’d feel lonely without his constant rejection!

He’s my sidekick. He’s 8 years old now. Probably borderline morbidly obese by feline standards. Has an intense and inexplicable fear of ceiling fans. He sleeps 23.9 hours out of the day…hates the world the rest of the time. He has a way of making you feel stupid and not really appreciated, but yet he sticks around.

That’s a better record than with boyfriends!


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