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A Few of My Favorite Things- Amazon Edition

I know that online shopping is the new trend, but, typically, I don’t really follow that trend. However, I’ve recently been converted to Amazon. I love their fast shipping, easy customer service, and the prices. Frequently I’ll browse to see if there’s anything I just can’t live without…and sometimes I find things I must have!

One of my favorite aspects of Amazon is their daily deals. Each day they have great deals on everything- with substantial discounts. I’ve even had year’s worth of magazine subscriptions for $5! Another favorite thing about Amazon is Amazon Smile. Are you familiar with it? If you will shop under Amazon Smile (just like normal shopping), you can designate a charity of your choice to receive a portion of the proceeds. It’s no additional cost to you– it’s just Amazon donating to your charity. I’ve chosen St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as my charity.

While browsing, I’ve gathered several of my favorite items– some of them are one-time deals. Others aren’t on sale now–but could be in the future.


I am IN LOVE with Edison bulbs. You may remember that I put one in my salvaged vintage light fixture in the kitchen. I just love the throwback charm it brings to a space. But, they aren’t cheap. I paid $10 for mine at Lowe’s–only because it was mismarked and I forced them to give it to me for the marked price. It was supposed to be $14. These Splink LED ones are a great price– over 60% off! This is a daily deal just for today- Sept. 14.

2016-09-14 (1).png

I haven’t redeemed this deal yet. But, I’ve been on the hunt for an inexpensive vacuum. I don’t have carpet in this Flip since I redid the floors, but I do have some area rugs. I currently have a tiny hand-held vacuum I use, but it is not heavy duty. At over 50% off, this Hoover vacuum might just make the list for me to order! Again, this deal is good for Sept 14.

2016-09-14 (2).png

I have an obsession with flamingos. Actually, the green bathroom remodel is inspired by flamingos! So anything flamingo I just love. I’m not sure that I will actually order this, but I think it makes a great gift idea. The glass on the flamingo looks amazing! The savings isn’t superb on this deal, but that’s how their sales go– huge discounts or hardly any at all.

2016-09-14 (3).png

This is probably my favorite deal ever! I love Roku! I don’t have cable. When I moved to this flip, I cut the cable cord, and I have no regrets at all. I was paying over $100/month in cable….over $1200 year. That’s stupid. So I cut the cord! I purchased a Roku and have never looked back! I’m able to sync with Netflix, and it comes with several free channels standard. I purchase their Sling cable on months that I really want certain channels– for example, during football season I purchase Sling for ESPN and I like to catch up on HGTV then too. The Sling cable is $20/month and you pay for one month at a time and can turn it off and on as you please. I highly recommend Roku! There are ways to actually get the Roku machine for free if you pre-pay for 3 months of Sling–which given it’s peak TV premiere time and football season, is not a bad deal at all! I don’t have Sling during the summer because it’s mostly reruns anyway that I can catch on Netflix.

2016-09-14 (4).png

There are always $5 year’s worth of magazine subscriptions on Amazon. I’ve purchased these as gifts a lot- especially for Mom. $5 for a year’s worth of Good Housekeeping? I love it! And what a great stocking stuffer to think about with the upcoming holidays!


I’ve mentioned my love of This Old House magazine before- and it’s now one of the $5 specials! If you love old houses- especially seeing the restored- and love easy projects and tips, this magazine is well worth the $5!

2016-09-14 (5).png

And because you can’t live below the Mason/Dixon without having a Southern Living subscription Amazon has done you a favor and cut 92% off the price. It’s a $5 subscription too! So you could have 3 subscriptions for a year- for less than the price of one!


What are some of your Amazon staples?


2 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things- Amazon Edition

  1. For me it is dog supplies. I can get 60ct Greenies for $30 that are $26 for 30ct at the pet store. I usually get 2 shipments a month and with Amazon Prime the shipping is free.

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