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The $3 Shades

Mac always had mini-blinds on her windows. I am not a fan of mini-blinds. I’m actually not a fan of covering windows with anything but curtains…especially when I buy all new windows, I want to show them off!

Flip 3 Grandma's Bedroom 002.JPG

But since Mac’s room faces the east, it has tons of light in the mornings. I do love natural light but not when I’m trying to sleep! So, even though I never use blinds or shades, I made an exception in this room so that I can sleep!


My neighbor was getting rid of her roman shades, so I bought three of them for $3. You can’t beat $3! I prefer the look of a roman shade over mini-blinds, and they’re extremely easy to hang. With a drill, measuring tape, screw driver, level, and pencil, I had the shades hung in 20 minutes.


One of my absolute favorite tools is my laser level. I love that it sticks to the wall, so it’s like I have three arms when I need to laser something.


Hanging the shade requires two screws. The shade has two hooks that just slip over the screws. I tried to make the screws behind the curtain rod to disguise them some.


Rather than fabric shades, the Roman shades don’t completely block out light.


I like the mixture of textures with the bamboo and fabric. I looked at some fabric shades but it was just too much fabric blocking my windows. One of my decorating rules that I follow is to mix textures, patterns, and colors. And these $3 shades did just that!


As I’ve discussed a million times, I hate to spend money. But $3 for three shades, I can handle that. I’m still trying to decide if I want to put the extra shade in Grandpa’s room.



3 thoughts on “The $3 Shades

  1. Great choice on the roman shades. The bamboo is great for the texture along with the draperies, and it’s great that it doesn’t completely block the light. I am in need of some new shades. I think I’m going to look into the bamboo style. Thanks for the post!

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