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The Eat-In Kitchen Reveal

Thank you all for tuning in yesterday to see my LIVE Hometalk tour. If you saw yesterday’s tour, you got to see the eat-in kitchen area. I’ve shown the kitchen before, and I had some people request to see the other angle of the room– but I was finishing the eat-in area before I did a post about that!


Originally, most of the eat-in area was greatly dwarfed due to the large peninsula, but since I removed that, it really opened up the space significantly!


I keep saying it, I am SO glad I ripped out those ugly stick on tiles and added new hardwoods to match the existing floors. You can’t tell where the old meets the new. And, from a design point, I really like the unexpected wood floors in the kitchen/eating area. I have no regrets about this change at all!

Even though the eat-in area is cozy, it serves several purposes. It’s the mudroom, the command central, and the dining room. That’s a lot of functions for a tiny space, but I didn’t want it to look cramped, so I have utilized every square inch of this room.


All I needed was just a tiny little corner nook to create more storage and a command center to keep me organized. I absolutely LOVE to utilize vintage locker baskets in my decor, and they make excellent storage. I’m really partial to these baskets because when I was a kid, my swim teacher would use these upside down in the bottom of the pool for me to stand on, so I like incorporating that memory too!


I like to get creative with mudrooms. All I need is a blank wall to create a makeshift room. And, for this one, I only needed $2! I use this space SO much, and, before, it was just wasted space.


Since I added the antique barn door, I get more natural light in the cozy space which really helps to brighten it up! Plus it’s been a great conversation piece!


I wanted the space to not feel cramped, so I opted for a smaller vintage table. I purchased it off a local yard sale site, and it originally came with 4 vintage chairs, but they were black and didn’t match anything.


And then sometimes the design gods just smile down on you. My sister found these four amazing metal chairs in my colors- jade and robin’s egg blue– for $100. They look vintage, but they’re actually replicas, but they’re amazing. I get so many comments about these chairs. I priced them- they’re around $75 for the child size and over $100 per chair for the adult size….so $100 for 4 is a steal!


With the vintage, salvaged light fixture, the thrift store rotary phone, the antique door and that table, I just love how this space turned out. It was practically all purchased via second-hand resources, and I love taking old things that people think are no longer valuable and giving them new value in decor.


Granted, I don’t eat a lot of meals at the table, but it looks pretty! It’s actually my sewing table, so on an average day, you’d find my sewing machine set up there rather than a nice dinner spread!

I still have trim to add back to the walls, and I’ll be replacing the door to the garage in the near future too. And let’s not forget, especially if you watched my LIVE tour, the sunroom is still a complete mess!


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