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Mac’s Room: The Master Bedroom

Despite the fact that retro houses don’t typically have en suites, Mac’s bedroom has always been the designated master bedroom. However, there is not a significant size difference between any of the three bedrooms, so, technically, the next homeowner could even make Grandpa’s room the next master bedroom. But, for now, Mac’s room is the master.

Flip 3 Grandma's Bedroom 005

The room has never really housed much: Mac’s bed, dresser, and a chair. That’s it. Well, except for when I was a baby- she kept a crib in this room. I slept in this room as a baby, and now as an adult, I’m sleeping in this room again. Strange to thing about.

Flip 3 Grandma's Bedroom 020

After the long, tedious task of trying to find just-the-right non-country blue, I finally settled on one. I have this thing with blue bedrooms. They’re so calming to me.

macs room

After finding the perfect blue, it was time to find the perfect stain for the refinished floors. The original floors were so  dirty and stained, but the color Spice was a perfect non-oaky/red stain.


And, honestly, after that, I moved in a bed and did nothing else. There were just too many other projects going on to worry about this room. But, lately, frustration or inspiration struck, and I was able to finally get the room staged and decorated….all with second-hand stuff!


Using the same curtains from the master bedroom in Flip 2, I opted to use the same color scheme from that flip as well. I utilized the same bed and bedding as well. You might also recognize the same end tables too!


I bought this midcentury dresser from an online yard sale site last year. It was in awful condition. They had attempted to paint over it. The hardware wasn’t original and didn’t match the era. So I stripped all of the old paint off, painted the drawers, and then added new hardware. I find such satisfaction in restoring old things. I firmly believe that just because something [or someone] is old, ugly, or damaged does not mean its usefulness is done. Give me a battered dresser over a showroom new one any day!

And that fun lamp? I bought that for Mac years ago for Christmas, so I love that it’s still being used in her room!


I purchased a small gray area rug to soften the wood floors. Since my colors are blue, gray, beige, and white I thought this $20 used rug was a great accent. I also loved its geometric pattern. The flea market chair was a house warming present to myself for Flip 1. I do love it, but I’m thinking about replacing it with a small bench in this space. It just sticks out too much for my liking and limits the space. But, for now, it’ll do. And by it’ll do, I mean it’s usually piled with clothes to wash.


Everything about my bed is the same as Flip 2 except for that quilt. Isn’t it a charmer? I saw it hanging at a thrift store and couldn’t believe it when I saw the price tag— $3! Those colors are amazing, and it was in spectacular condition.  My style is obviously eclectic…really vintage eclectic, and I love how nothing is really matchy-matchy. There’s a theme…usually just a color theme…but I like to mix patterns and textures.


I’m never really an aesthetic decorator on end tables. I’m a lot more about functional decor than anything else. Typically, you’ll find my bedside tables full of empty water bottles and hair ties, but, today, I cleaned them up especially for the photo shoot. I use my vintage-inspired fan every single day– I never knew I’d get so much use out of it. It doesn’t hurt that it matches my colors perfectly! And I recently picked up the blue bowl at an estate sale for $2. I’m a sucker for blue glass.


With my 50 cent docking station, I usually keep change, pens, books, and more hair ties. I at least make an attempt to organize my clutter with the docking station. And, again, it doesn’t hurt that it match my colors!


But of all the things in this room that I cherish the most, it’s these lamps. These blue lamps are extremely sentimental. They were Mac’s and Grandpa’s. For as long as I can remember, they’ve been in Mac’s living room. They were one of the few items I was adamant that I wanted. They just remind me of Mac so much.


That’s Grandpa…and me. He was sitting in the living room of this house. Notice the lamp next to him. Those lamps have been around for a long time, and I hope they’ll be around for a long time!

The shades, unfortunately, were stained and broken, so I had to discard the original ones. And as I stated with the thrifted living room lamps, finding two matching vintage shades that are in good condition is hard! But would you believe I found these the same day I found the living room ones? It’s like the heavens were shining down on my lamp decorating dilemma.


I love a room that looks real. Sometimes I see real people’s bedrooms and I think, gosh, I’d hate to touch a thing. I want mine to look lived in and cozy, but not cluttered. So I incorporate functional, easy pieces that are both old and reclaimed. I think my style resonates with a lot of people, but I certainly know that there are plenty of people swooning over museum quality bedrooms…I’m just not one of them!


11 thoughts on “Mac’s Room: The Master Bedroom

  1. I have been reading your blog for the past few days (I’m avoiding ripping out more nasty glued down carpet from my 1950 kitchen.) I do owe you a huge thank-you for posting the link to the cabinet hardware. You are so creative and I totally love watching your progress on these flips 🙂 I’m almost to the green bathroom (I love my green bathroom) and I already have new ideas for mine thanks to you.

  2. I so agree. I would take a thrifted piece of furniture any day over a showroom piece! It’s awesome that you were given the opportunity to bring up to date a home that has such sentimental value. My style is definitely vintage eclectic also. I’m enjoying your posts on Mac’s home a lot. Thanks!

  3. I love those lamps.I remember my parents having very similar ones with gold glass when I was little. I am enjoying watching you update your grandparents home .

  4. Hi Jenn,
    From what I can see, the pattern on your quilt is called grandmother’s flower garden, so how appropriate that it’s in Mac’s bedroom. It’s an old fashioned pattern made from all hexoganol pieces, typically sewn together by hand. You have a treasure!

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