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The Laundry Room Reveal…Finally!

If you’ve been following the laundry room/bathroom remodel, you know that it was slated to last 2 days. Well, 3.5 weeks and numerous hiccups and curse words later, it is finished! What was supposed to be a simple but dramatic makeover turned into one problem after another.


This blah multi-room was cramped, dirty, and dated. With some minor updating and a little addition, these two spaces became two separate–functional–spaces!


Let me tell you what does NOT help to sell a house…sitting on the toilet staring at dirty laundry piled on the washer. Does not help at all!


Sitting on the toilet staring at laundry doesn’t help sell a house….and sitting on the toilet staring at an ugly electrical panel doesn’t help either! But, you know, you can’t easily change electrical panel locations or washer/dryer hookups. It is what it is. So I had to make do, but I knew I could add some aesthetic value to the space.


I started with the floor removal and new vinyl floors. Once I had new floors, it was time for the new toilet, the vanity makeover with new paint and hardware, and a “new” sink, new faucet, new mirror, and a new light fixture in the bathroom. While I was at it, the old window was replaced with a new double hung. But we still had one problem…


You still sat on the [new] toilet and looked at dirty laundry and an electrical panel. So, I decided to have a closet built for the washer & dryer. By using the existing space, the closet was built out around where the washer and dryer would go. In addition, I had a cabinet I got for free from Craiglist. The lack of storage is an issue in this quaint house, so that free cabinet was going to be a huge asset!


And this is where the problems started…my parents had several sheets of sheetrock leftover from one of their properties. So I had decided to use that sheetrock to reduce costs. A friend and I drove out to the shop, loaded all of the sheetrock, and weren’t even 5 minutes down the road and a full fledge monsoon opened up…with the sheetrock in the back of the truck. Needless to say, we barely salvaged one piece of sheetrock. So I had to add that cost to the overall total. Luckily, though, I had several 2x4s leftover from the Operation Open Concept to help ease the cost of the project.


Then came our next series of problems. I had purchased two bifold doors off a local Facebook sale site for $20. Since they sell for $60 each, that was a steal. Well, for some unknown reason, I didn’t glance at the doors when I bought them. Aaaaand, they didn’t match. Ugh! So, I made a trip to Lowe’s to get a matching one, and, luckily, I found one on clearance for $10! So I was feeling pretty good about the project.


I was feeling pretty good…until the next day. My contractor hooked up my washer and slid them into the closet. Well, something went wrong when he hooked up, but, unfortunately, I didn’t know that. So I did a load of clothes and all of the water went into the walls instead of into the washer. So all of the new sheetrock was destroyed, water was standing on the new floors, and I was annoyed! Soooo….my contractor had to come back and rip out all of the work he’d done and start all over.


And while all of that was happening, I decided I hated the existing estate sale paint color, so I had to spend two days [in between contractor visits] repainting…and I hate repainting.


After a couple days, the contractor had the sheetrock replaced, and I was starting the painting process—and feeling hopeful that we were near the finish line. And then I shoved the washer and dryer into the new closet and discovered two things: 1. My 15 year old hand-me-down washer had broken. 2. The closet was so tight, I couldn’t slide the now non-working washer out.

And then the curse words began.


So my contractor got another call from me. And I slid the non-working washer on my front porch [my neighbors loved me]. When my contractor came back [again] we decided that the standard 24″ opening just won’t work because the washer and dryer are so dang tight, it makes the space more annoying than functional.


So I made him rip out the sheetrock he had just installed for the second time. And start all over. [He loved me]. But the opening was just not wide enough to easily slide a washer or dryer out. So my thrifted and clearance doors were now useless [ugh!] because they were for a standard 48″ opening, and we were changing the opening to 60″. I wanted this closet to add value not frustration. So, while he was busy rebuilding the closet, I hit the appliance sale at Lowe’s. And, luckily, Lowe’s hauls off non-working appliances…which my neighbors are quite grateful for!


With the painted CraigsList cabinet and new paint, the space was looking great!


With the new 60″ opening, the washer and dryer easily slide in and out. I added additional storage with the curbside cabinet.


What I love now is all of the extra storage! With the CraigsList cabinet and curbside cabinet, there is no shortage now!

14045638_10102228578462897_7832094876215009744_n (1)

With the addition of the antique sliding door, the amount of usable square footage has increased, even though I technically decreased the square footage with the addition of the closet. Previously, the swinging door took up so much room, that the space seemed smaller. I chose plantation style doors which ran about $80 each, so $160 in just doors. It hurt to spend that much, trust me!


This entire room transformation cost around $1,000…about $400 more than I had planned, but I also wanted it done right. But kitchen and bathrooms sell houses, so I needed a bathroom that didn’t look at dirty laundry! At least when company is over, there is now an option to hide that laundry with the plantation style doors. With the light gray paint, crisp white cabinets, and new flooring, this space is so open and airy. Despite the numerous setbacks with this project, I’m so happy with the final product.

I still have a few minor additions to this room, but, overall, the big picture is done! Only 3 weeks late!



18 thoughts on “The Laundry Room Reveal…Finally!

  1. Wow, it looks great !! Your restraint is amazing! I would’ve been using curse words WAY sooner then you did!! Lol. It looks beautiful!!

    Scotch Plains, NJ

  2. Great save! I would have done exactly the same thing. All the bathroom needs is your feminine touch with a splash of color in the accessories and you are good to go!

  3. Paint the electrical panel and/or hang something fun over it. I hung a bright red hook over my painted panel and hung my “good” shopping bags on it.

    1. I love what you have done with the the bathroom/laundry. It looks great!! Sorry you had so much trouble along the way, but it’s nice to know that other people have problems, but they stick with it. I agree with Marillyn. The electrical panel needs a picture/etc. over it. You could put hinges on the side of the picture/etc, so you could still flip the panel open when needed. Great job and I really enjoyed seeing your progress.

  4. The project looks great! We’re house hunting and this is a great idea of how we can make a better use of the space. Question, I love barn doors but have come across several places that say they don’t offer a lot of privacy (sound-wise). Any ideas on how to sound proof a room with barn doors? Thanks, and thank you for sharing your project’s turnout.

    1. I know what you mean about being sound proof. Unfortunately, there is a tiny gap between the door frame and the door. It obviously can’t touch or else it wouldn’t slide easily. But since it’s not a hollow door, I haven’t noticed it too badly.

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