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Bathroom Vanity Makeover

No, I’m STILL not done with the laundry room/bathroom makeover.This project was initially slated to last 2-3 days. We’re in week 3. I should probably change the subject before I start cursing. Again.

The small areas of that room that I can control, I’ve feverishly been working on. One of those little areas–besides the Craigslist free cabinet–is the sink and vanity. Unlike most bathrooms, it has taller ceilings and there are cabinets above the vanity. Since this house is so small, those cabinets–however random they might be in today’s designs–are priceless!


The great news about the cabinets is that they’re real wood and in pretty good shape. The hardware, on the other hand, had long since seen the end of its shelf life. So I started by removing all the hardware and doors. And after I got everything removed, I did something I hate. I changed my mind. Not about the vanity–no it needed a face lift–but about the paint color. Remember my estate sale paint? Even when I don’t love a color, I can learn to appreciate it if the price is right. And I tried with the estate sale paint. And I do love it in the guest room! But it just wasn’t right in the laundry room. It made the already smaller space seem even smaller.


I didn’t want to spend any money on the paint, so I had about 1/4 gallon left from the kitchen. 1/4 gallon isn’t very much, but I streeeeetched every last drop. And guess what? It was the perfect amount to paint the room.


After getting the paint situation taken care of, it was time to address the cabinets. They were originally white, but they didn’t look white at all. The 50 years of existence and use had left them yellowed with age. They were very dirty and yellowed.


The sink cabinet was just as yellowed, and all of the hardware was either rusted or had been painted over. I really debated about keeping the cabinet pulls, because, as I’ve said, I want to use design choices that are reminiscent of the era of the house. But, in the end, they were just in too bad of shape. I know some people say you can spray paint cabinet hardware, but I’m never a fan. Ever piece of spray painted hardware I’ve seen looks just like painted hardware.


Luckily for me, they still make colonial style cabinet pulls! I was so pleasantly surprised when I went perusing Lowe’s for new cabinet pulls. I was expecting to have to pick a brand new style, but I love that I can keep the integrity & style of the original design. I opted to go with brushed nickel, though, to modernize the cabinets slightly.


I used the same paint method as the laminate cabinet, and I’m so glad that I did! Just like with that cabinet, the finish is just perfect. I changed out the cabinet hinges for white ones. I opted to go with white instead of brushed nickel so that the hinges might blend in more with the cabinet instead of being such a stark contrast.


Originally the retro towel rod was attached to the cabinet beneath the sink; however, that isn’t a practical location because you can’t close the doors easily when there is a towel there. So, I filled in the holes on the cabinet and moved the [original!] towel rod to the wall. If you follow me on Facebook, you may recognize my $3 bowl I purchased at a thrift store this week to celebrate National Thrift Shopping Day! I filled the thrifted bowl with seashell treasures from my travels.


In case you’re wondering, this mirror is the FOURTH mirror I hung in this space. I am either overly picky about bathroom mirrors, or the supply just sucks. I originally thought I’d have a white framed mirror there–something subtle to blend with the cabinets. But either the frame was too thick, one was damaged, or one was cursed and wouldn’t hang, so I finally opted on this beachwood inspired one from Target. The brushed nickel trim really accents well with the cabinet pulls.


I love mix of textures with wood and metal. It brings dimension to the space, and it draws out the dark spots in the new countertops.


In order to help myself [and my buyers] in the future, I went ahead and changed out the outlets to GFCI to meet code. Outlets in wet spaces–kitchens, bathrooms, laundry–need to be GFCI to meet safety codes. It was about a $20 fix.


With new countertops, fresh paint, new toilet paper holder, new mirror, new hardware, and a new toilet, this little corner looks new! I love that I salvaged the cabinet and gave it a new life. You might notice the countertop is thicker than an average one. The reason is because my countertop guy and I opted to just install a thinner board over the existing countertop….it was easier and cheaper! I tried my normal method of removing countertops, but there had been too much water damage over the years for them to easily come up.


You might recognize this sink from the green bathroom. I removed it from that bathroom since I plan to turn that vanity into a double vanity, and since this sink was newish, I utilized it in this bathroom. The faucet was $5 at Lowe’s. They were having an insane sale one day, and I bought it….I don’t think I had even bought Flip 3 yet. But $5 faucets? You can’t pass that up.  And don’t worry, it’s in the plan to switch out that light!


I am so happy with the transformation in this corner of the bathroom/laundry room! It’s not a massive transformation, but there are definitely significant improvements.

Since most people like to know numbers:

Cabinets: $10 for another bottle of chalk paint. $0 for latex (used leftover).

Hardware: $30

Sink: $0

Faucet: $5

Toilet Paper Holder: $12

Mirror: $30

Toilet: $115

Outlet: $20

Countertop: $150





5 thoughts on “Bathroom Vanity Makeover

    1. I think it would be super easy! I’m actually about to attempt a DIY board & batten using a shaker style method on the WALLS, so we’ll see how it turns out.

  1. The bathroom/laundry room transformation is great! I appreciated your wording for streeeeetching out all the paint from the quarter of a gallon. I have done the same several times and was glad I did. Thanks for the post.

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