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The Curbside Cabinet

While driving around, on the same day I got my curbside bookshelf, I glanced at the curb and saw a cabinet. I slammed on my brakes, threw the car into reverse, and quickly loaded the cabinet. It wasn’t until I got home that I really noticed how awful the cabinet was. Spiders crawling over it, stains, painted hardware, gashes in the wood, and discoloration. What had I just done??


I started by removing the doors and hardware. Then I generously applied citrus paint stripper. I usually let it sit about 30 minutes or so, and the paint will easily scrape right off!


If you don’t apply enough stripper, not all of the paint will remove. It should bubble up off the wood if done correctly.


Like I said, I let mine sit for about 30 mins…maybe an hour. But that’s not a science….if you let it sit longer that’s okay. If you try to scrape too soon, the paint won’t be ready though.

After the paint has been scraped, the surface will be sticky. And, FYI, it’s messy when you’re scraping! I let the surface dry over night and it was a lot less sticky the next day. If there’s still some paint left, reapply stripper and repeat the process. Using a hand sander, thoroughly sand all surface.


Using the same method I used on the laminate cabinet, I started with the chalk paint. After the chalk paint was dry, I applied the latex. The final step? Ditching the painted hardware! I spent $15 on the hardware at Lowe’s.


This cabinet is now hanging in the laundry room remodel disaster–which still isn’t done. It’s one of the very few little corners that’s actually finished! The grooves on the door required soooo much sanding. Soooo much sanding. They had tried to putty them to create a smooth surface for some freakishly bizarre reason. After it was hung, I caulked the edges to create a smooth & clean edge.


For $15, I’m so glad I slammed on my brakes that day! I now have additional storage in the super cramped laundry room!


4 thoughts on “The Curbside Cabinet

  1. I love your enthusiasm restoring old stuff, I just cant get myself to do that, is it camera angle, or does the cabinet get wider at the bottom? just never seem one like that. Nice Post!!!

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