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Grandpa’s Room [Guest Room] Almost Reveal

I’ve mentioned before that growing up there was a certain room in the house called Grandpa’s room. You ask any of my cousins which room is Grandpa’s and we all just know. I have no clue why it’s called that, but it just always has been. It used to have two twin beds in it, and, eventually, Mac put a queen size bed in there. And for reasons I’ll never know, she had carpet put in that room–only that room.

Flip 3 Grandpa's Bedroom 002

As with the rest of the house, the walls had never been painted. But don’t let that fool you- they were brownish yellow with age & pets. But just by ripping out the carpet and giving the room a fresh coat of estate sale paint, it dramatically improved! And then when we had the floors redone, the room became unrecognizable!



I used all of the same guest room decor from Flip 2. My $10 thrift store bed is still holding up! And my neighbor’s curbside dresser has been great storage in a house with limited storage. I arranged the room in a different way than Mac had it, and I think I like this arrangement better. Where the bed was initially blocked part of the entrance area & made the space feel smaller.


I reused my almost-free scrap wall art! That little project has been so popular that I’m thinking about doing a similar alternative to it. I still don’t have the doors painted. Basically I’m dreading that task, so I’m putting it off as long as possible! My U of A subway letterpress was in the master bathroom in Flip 2, but I have a completely different inspiration for the bathroom on this flip- Stay Tuned!


My vacation thrift store lamp shades are still being used in the guest room–as well as the thrifted lamps! I recently purchased this little end table off of a Facebook yard sale site for $10. And the cotton is a fun accent in the vintage planter– I picked up the cotton while in Louisiana last summer.


I just love my free curbside dresser that I redid, but I’ve really had a hard time finding hardware I like. A year later, I’m still on the hunt. So, for now, the dresser still doesn’t have hardware. Since this was a free dresser, it was missing the mirror that attaches. But I wanted to create an illusion of that, so I purchased the enormous mirror for $20 on the same Facebook yard sale site. With the $5 lamp, $2 planter, and $1 bottle, this little nook of the guest room cost LESS than $30!  One unusual thing I did was take one of my large serving platters from the kitchen (that gets used maybe once a year) and turned it into a jewelry holder. I don’t like jewelry boxes because there’s never enough room. With the large platter, I was able to lay out each piece of jewelry and can easily see them while getting ready in the rushed mornings.


Retro houses do not boast large bedroom sizes, but even with a cozy room, the guest room is still roomy enough for some decor, storage, and a full size bed.


If I hadn’t stumbled on the estate sale paint, I probably would’ve chosen a light gray similar to the kitchen. But, I know gray isn’t for everyone, and cheap paint is always a good thing! But with the new windows, there is TONS of natural light! The room, initially, was not this light and bright.20160815_153552.jpg

I love this retro-inspired little room. It’s the FIRST room that is basically finished–besides painting the closet. I always have such a huge relief when one room gets done. It seems to take forever to get to that point, but once it happens, the other rooms seem to follow suit!


13 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Room [Guest Room] Almost Reveal

  1. The room is looking great. I was wondering why you dread painting the closet doors and what color you will use. I grew up in a home of that era and know well the size of the rooms. You’ve managed to update the room and it’s bright and not cluttered. Nice job!

  2. The room looks so cozy..I love your resourcefulness..you kick ass! Keep up the good work..look forward to your next post.

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