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The Cozy Little Nook

There is this tiny little nook in the kitchen that always served as the corner that held Mac’s corner hutch. It’s such a tiny space, that I’m sure a lot of people would be scratching their brains to find a functional purpose. And, I’ll be honest, I was too for quite a while.


I want every square inch of this tiny little ranch house to be functional. When buyers walk in, I want them to imagine living there- not questioning what to do with an awkward space. So I turned it into a little nook to store cookbooks, my mail, my calendar, and a few of my magazines.


You may recognize my little retro record player stand from Flip 2. And remember my locker baskets from my Pinterest Inspired Kitchen cubby?


Using a rustic frame, I gave it a quick coat of leftover spray paint. And since I am the cat lady, I, of course, need a cat calendar! I purchased nothing for this little nook. Using leftover items and essentially shopping my own decor closet, I created a little “command central” area for my home. Do you have a command central for your home? Even in an awkward corner, that space can be functional!


What I love about this little nook is that so much of it is vintage decor. This 1964 ranch house might be getting a modernize remodel, but I want my decor choices to be reminiscent of that era! One of my favorite things to collect at thrift stores and estate sales is old books. I think they make excellent accent pieces and even “stackers” in your bookshelf decorating– like in my curbside bookshelf!


Another awkward space that I wanted to be functional is photobombing my shot! Remember my $2 mudroom made from junk? I have utilized that random wall space mudroom so much! Even without a designated room and with just a wall space, I have a very functional mud room!



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