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Vintage Thrifted Lamps

A few years ago I found two vintage lamps at an estate sale…for $3! $3 people! They were so unique; I’ve never seen anything like them. They have a carnival glass style iridescent appearance. I wish I knew more about them- there aren’t any markings anywhere on them.


For years, they’ve been sitting in my closet. They didn’t match the decor at Flip 2, and they didn’t come with lamp shades. I tried several different new lamp shades, but the styles didn’t fit with the retro design of the lamps. But, alas, it was not a lost cause! Thank God for thrift stores!


I have been scouring thrift stores for a long time looking for the right lamp shades, but I could never find more than one! Finding two matching, retro style shades that are in good shape is a rare find! But lucky me, I found two for $3! I knew I wanted retro shades to fit with my decor, and that’s all that was going to match these vintage lamps.


For $6 total, I got two matching vintage [COOL!] lamps and two matching lamp shades. The colors in the lamps have hints of teal, blue and green. They really enhance the colors I’ve been using to decorate the house.


With the addition of the lamps, the retro inspired living room is really starting to come together! My DIY Postcard display, makeover end tables, and curtain pillows really help to tie the space together! The thing I love MOST about thrifting (besides you never know what you’ll find) is that you get such unique stuff at such an inexpensive price– $6 for two lamps? That’s my kind of deal!


6 thoughts on “Vintage Thrifted Lamps

  1. The General Electric AM clock radio sitting in front of the lamp is the exact one I had in my childhood bedroom! Talk about a time-warp throwback for me! Thanks for brightening my day!

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