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Throwback Thursday

Just to give us all some perspective….

I actually bought a house that looked like this.

annie laurie

Paneling? Eww. Floral retro wallpaper? Ugh. Matching floral drapes? What the heck. Matching floral light fixture? I can’t even.

And the rest of the house didn’t look any better.


But that’s the great thing about house flipping. In just a matter of time, TLC, and money, you get a totally different house!


I love the dramatic changes I’ve seen in every single flip. They’re all so different and inspire me to continue making dramatic changes in my next flips!


These changes happened at Flip #2. It was the one that really earned me my stripes! If you haven’t taken time to peruse the changes (and failures!) of Flip 2, take a few moments to get inspired, laugh, and hopefully enjoy the changes!


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