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Curbside Bookshelf

I briefly mentioned my curbside bookshelf in my last post. I wish I would’ve taken before pics because it was in rough shape. It’s a very narrow, upright bookshelf…and it’s the perfect width for one of the walls in the office bedroom.


After spray painting it, I moved it into the room. I wanted to use it to display some treasures and a couple of my book collections. I collect Boxcar Children books because the very first memory I have of being “hooked” on a book was when my 2nd grade teacher would read us a chapter a day after recess. I fell in love with the series, and, for nostalgia sake, I am slowly collecting the entire series.


I found the adorable bird planter while cleaning out Mac’s house. I like incorporating bits of Mac and Grandpa anywhere I can, so I kept the vintage planter. That blue ash try? That was Grandpa’s.  I have no memories of Grandpa at all, but one of the few tangible items I remember as a kid that associated with Grandpa was his ash tray. So before Mac passed away, I asked if I could have it. I don’t smoke, but I use it to keep trinkets in.


I used one of Mac’s old wind up clocks as an accent. I don’t like just filling a bookshelf with books. I like to lay some of them horizontally and use them to display trinkets.


For less than $4, I love my “new” little bookshelf. By incorporating some of Mac’s trinkets and some thrifted treasures, this curbside bookshelf has a new life!


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