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Unconvential Book Storage

As I’ve said numerous times, I live in the houses I remodel WHILE I remodel them. Keeping things stored can be interesting and challenging. Especially my books. I have several book collections, and I read like a crazy person. I have way too many books than an average person should have. And I keep buying! Don’t judge.


As I was driving around hunting a deal last year, I saw a book shelf at the curb. It was in very rough shape. Stickers all over it, stains, and some scuffs. I took it home and sanded it thoroughly. It took a few coats of paint. I opted for spray paint for this because I had two cans leftover. I ended buying a 3rd can. So the bookshelf makeover cost less than $4.

But even with my curbside bookshelf, I still had boxes of books. And I didn’t want bookshelves all over the house, so I got a little creative.


You’ve seen those hanging shoe racks? I use them in my closet because the closets are smaller- typical of the retro era. So I own several– all of which I’ve purchased at thrift stores for a dollar or two. I had a couple leftover shoe racks, and I decided to give them a different purpose– instead of shoes, store books in them!




In my guest room, I had some extra closet space and decided to put a shoe rack in the closet. I placed my extra books in the shoe holder.  The shoe slots are the perfect size for books!


Each slot can hold 3-6 books– depending on size. Maybe you’re not a book hoarder like me, but maybe extra space is limited. Apartment living or dorm living doesn’t usually allow tons of extra space, so using shoe racks to store books–or maybe other things as well–would help to store stuff without having boxes piled up somewhere. This way the books are easily accessible without having to sort through boxes.



2 thoughts on “Unconvential Book Storage

  1. I think what you did for book storage is great. Yes, I have some of those shoe holders which I picked up for like a dollar at the goodwill and they make great storage. Novel idea — no pun intended! Thanks for the post.

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