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On the Hunt

Sometimes house flipping looks like this:


But, you might be surprised to learn, the majority of my days don’t look like that. In fact, those demo days are brief usually. Instead, I spend SO much time (soooooooo much time) in aisles of hardware stores, thrift stores, habitat stores, and junk stores. I’m sure if we added it all up, I’ve spent more time sorting through used doors, assorted paint samples, and comparing chrome to brushed nickel than actually taking a sledgehammer to a wall.


I spend a lot of time chasing down deals too. And not just house deals. For example, my winter project is the main bath remodel. I have no plans to start that until well into the winter. My summer project, the laundry room remodel, isn’t even done yet.  But I knew that part of my main bath remodel was transitioning it from one sink to a two-sink vanity. And I really didn’t want to buy two sinks…because I’m cheap. Well, I follow a building supplies leftover local group on Facebook (you should definitely check if there’s one in your area!) and all sorts of random things get posted on there [it’s actually how I can recoup some costs when I sell salvaged things from flips]. I just so happened to peruse the group this week and what do I see? TWO matching, pristine sinks [with faucets] just begging for a new home! At $25 for both, I scored a deal.

So while house-flipping and demo days are fun, most days are spent in my car on the hunt. Sometimes that means driving 20 minutes to another town [waiting another 20 minutes because they’re late] to get two sinks for $25.

And I kinda like it that way.


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