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Is That a Laundry Room? Or a Bathroom?

Flip 3 has 1.5 bathrooms. And a .5 laundry room. It’s a smaller square footage home, like Flip 3, combining a bathroom with the laundry room is not uncommon. In this house, the toilet and vanity sits directly across from the washer & dryer. I don’t know about you, but I rarely keep my laundry room nice and neat like in magazines, so I HATE that people look directly at the laundry area.


I’ve slowly, verrrry slowly been making small upgrades in this room. I’ve added new countertops, new toilet, new paint, and new flooring.


This week, however, starts the largest transformation. I’m really limited with this tiny space, but I want the 2 spaces [laundry room & bathroom] to be two separate spaces…even in one room. This is a job I’m hiring out. With the help of a Craigslist cabinet, curbside cabinet, sheetrock left at one of my parents’ rentals, and online yard sale doors, this room will look totally different by the end of the week!


And the best part? Those ugly panels will no longer be an eye-sore!



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