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Familiar Curtains

Remember my DIY Curtain pillows? The perfect resource for single curtain panels is to repurpose them!


When I purchased that curtain, I actually purchased two more matching ones! There were three of the teal curtains, and I knew I could use two as actual curtains. I didn’t want them in the living room with the pillows because I thought that would be too matchy-matchy, and I wanted some versatility in the patterns.

I did know the perfect spot for the curtains that would accent the pillows without being right beside them.


There’s an oversized window in the eat-in kitchen. It lets in tons of natural light which I love. I knew my $6 thrift store curtains would look great accenting that window! The curtains are the exact shade of blue in the kitchen hardware bling.


I purchased the curtain rod at Walmart, and hung my $6 curtains. You may recognize my DIY Wallpaper art. The curtains are the perfect accent to the blues in the wallpaper.


With my Bicycle Basket cookbook holder, framed art, and thrifted curtains, this little corner is looking a lot better! Of course I do need to get that trim added..but that’s just a detail!


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