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“New” End Tables

I don’t like new furniture for a couple of reasons:

  1. I hate the price. I don’t like paying retail for anything- furniture included!
  2. They seem to have no character. I see mass produced furniture, and it’s just not my style!

Since I’m decorating with a modern-retro design scheme, I want that to be reflected in my furniture as well. The good thing with retro furniture, you can find them at estate sales, flea markets, and thrift stores–sometimes really cheap! They may need TLC (my favorite kind), which means you’ll get them cheaper & add your own charm!


I bought this double-decker end table on an online yard sale site. For $10, I was happy. It was rough, but no obvious significant damage.  Using the same chalk paint I used on Grandma’s coffee table, I gave this table new life!


 The Silver Linings chalk paint is a very light gray- slightly lighter than my walls.


The other end table is even more special than a yard sale find. Years ago when Mac was still alive, I was in her garage and found an end table. Part of the leg was broken, it was chipped, and needed repair. I asked Mac if I could have it, and, of course, she said I could. I’ve kept it through all this time, and I finally have the special spot for it!


I used the same chalk paint so that it would match the other end table. I had to use a distressed finish on this one [wasn’t my plan] because it was in such bad shape. The stains were showing through the paint. Some of the knicks were still noticeable. The best method to “hide” those blemishes is distressing. My uncle built me a matching leg, and you can’t even tell it was ever broken!


For a total of $15– table and paint–I have “new” end tables. They add character and retro flair to the space. I thoroughly enjoy taking anything ugly–homes, furniture, yards, whatever–and giving them new life!


I also ended up rearranging my living room- again. But for now, I’m happy with the layout, the furniture, the DIY pillows, and my postcard display!


10 thoughts on ““New” End Tables

  1. I know you live in each house while you are flipping it. But since you have so many furniture “memories” in this house, will you take them with you, or do you usually sell each house with the furniture pieces you used to “stage” the rooms?

  2. I have the same table/magazine rack. 🙂 I have all mismatched pieces in my living room and am trying to decide how to tie them all together. Love what you did.

  3. The end tables are really nice. I too love to makeover things and give them new life! Thanks for showing us the progress and bringing back memories. Some of the items you are showing were the style I grew up with.

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