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Not only as a house flipper, but also as a Realtor there is one mantra I preach in home shopping: POTENTIAL. Don’t look at a house as-is (even if it’s new construction!)…look at how YOU can make it YOU. Look for potential! Ugly wallpaper, paneling, harvest gold appliances, shag carpet…none of that bothers me. The key to not only house flipping/real estate investing but also just sense of enjoyment in home ownership is loving where you live.

annie laurie

Flip #2 was hideous. Awful. I’ve never seen so much retro floral matchy-matchy. I can tell you as a Realtor, the living room along would send several buyers running for the hills. These draw me in!

GetMedia (3)

By seeing POTENTIAL, a whole “new” house…a whole “new” room can exist!


Elbow grease is your best friend in house shopping…and especially in house flipping! I find myself more on the preservationist side….whatever you can keep- KEEP! Ugly cabinets? Reface them. Paint them.  But not everything can be preserved, but to help the bottom line and integrity of the home, keep what you can!

getmedia (6)

Even when you’re shopping for your home, look for potential! I love hitting estate sales, thrift stores, and flea markets looking for unique items I can repurpose. Looking for further potential adds character and helps your budget!

House flipping (and even home ownership) isn’t always for the faint at heart! It takes work, money, stress, but there can be so much enjoyment in it!


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