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Not Your Average Curtain Rod

One of the great aspects of this flip, is the enormous picture window(s) in the living room. It lets in tons of natural light, which is great, unless it’s 2pm in the Arkansas summer….then it’s just torturous hot. I endured the heat for a long time because I quickly discovered, it was going to require a special-order curtain rod.


I didn’t want a really ornate rod because it wouldn’t match the retro decor. Instead, I wanted something simple. I found a great one on Amazon. I chose the Rod Deysne Poise Curtain rod.

Curtain Rod

I apparently got lucky on the price. I paid $40 but when I checked recently, it was $117. So, I obviously wouldn’t have chosen this one if it had been $117 when I ordered!


Hanging the rod was easy, and the screws included were actually heavy duty! What I liked about this rod was that it could extend quite a bit depending on the size of the window, but, obviously, I won’t be reattaching this to any other window– it’s there to stay!


I found these curtains on an online yard sale site for $10. They had a variety of colors, but one of them was very near my retro blue that I used on the door, pillows, and cabinet hardware!


With the rod and curtains, I spent just over $50. I am debating adding some sheer curtains as “fillers,” but we’ll see.


I’m happy with the quality of the rod and the price that I paid. Compared to the longer rods I looked at (one was $300!), this one was budget friendly and good quality!


5 thoughts on “Not Your Average Curtain Rod

  1. Those are beautiful curtains and the colors are great. But how will they help with the sun/heat if they don’t look wide enough to cover the windows, and the couch is all the way to the wall? Just curious …!

    1. It only looks like the couch is up to the wall…there are actually a few inches behind it. Also, as I stated in the post, I will eventually need to purchase sheers to help, but since I’m only trying to hide the sun for a couple hours a day, I’m not worried. Most of the time they’ll be completely open.

  2. I am very interested in your flips and updates. I especially like this one because you are using one of my favorite colors for your accents. Also loved the human touch of seeing the painter’s tape in the last two pics. You go girl.

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