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Kitchen Paint

I don’t usually blog in real time because I have numerous projects going on simultaneously, and I like a project to be complete (or mostly complete) by the time I blog about it. And sometimes those projects can take a long time, and then I forget that I never blogged about them.

Kinda like painting the kitchen.


I don’t recognize the kitchen on most days. I mean, I’ve tried to maintain the integrity of the house while still updating it for the modern buyer. Of all the house flips I’ve done, this is probably the most dramatic transformation in a kitchen.  After I gave the cabinets a face lift, demolished the peninsula, added wood floors, new countertops, modern retro appliances, and kitchen bling, it looked dramatically different!

But the walls were white. I wanted those white cabinets to pop! And I love gray paint, so I chose a soft gray to paint the kitchen.The color is Valspar’s Bay Waves.


Even before I had the cabinets painted, the gray paint made the walls look newer and cleaner. Then I painted the cabinets.


With all white cabinets and backsplash, the light gray paint enhanced the new countertops. They aren’t an identical shade of gray, but they are very similar.


I love how the subtle gray is a great backdrop for my pops of retro blue. I’ve always been amazed how just a can of paint can transform a room….add in all of the other substantial changes in this room, and it’s like a brand new kitchen!


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