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Repurposing Mac’s Old Wallpaper

When Mac’s house was originally built, it had very distinct wallpaper in the kitchen. I remember it so vividly from my childhood. Over the years, it was eventually ripped off and replaced with various wallpapers. I had actually forgotten all about the original wallpaper until while cleaning out Mac’s linen cabinet, I found part of a roll of the original wallpaper. I felt like I had hit the jackpot! Mac actually kept the leftover wallpaper for some reason.


I noticed the original wallpaper had the blue of my front door and my DIY curtain pillows and retro cabinet hardware! I knew I had to do something fun with the original wallpaper, so I turned it into a craft project.

By using 2 mismatched 50 cent frames, I decided to create something unique for my kitchen. I began by using leftover white chalk paint from my front door. Once it was dried, I create a “blue wash” with the leftover blue paint from my front door. 20160703_165110.jpg

To create a blue wash, I filled a bowl with about a cup or so (I didn’t really measure) of water. Then I put a small spoonful of the paint in the water and stirred it together. Once I had a good wash, I lightly brushed it over the chalk painted frames.



There wasn’t really an exact science to how I did the wash. In fact, one frame somehow got more wash and looks more blueish than the other. I actually like that they’re mismatched and that the washes don’t match, it looks more authentically homey!


Once the wash dried and I wiped off the excess, I then cut the wallpaper to the size of the frame openings. I then inserted the wallpaper like a photograph.


The wash created a shabby-chic effect with just a slight hint of blue which matches the wallpaper perfectly. I love the hint of blue popping through and how it coordinates to my front door.


I plan to hang these in the kitchen next to my cabinets, but I’m not quite ready to do that yet. The final product though I love! They remind me so much of Mac, and I love the retro pattern and how it just-so-happens to match my retro blue!



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