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Kitchen Bling

After my cabinets got their facelift, they needed some bling to really stand out. As a reminder, I’m trying to design Mac’s place with modern-retro accents. I want to stay true to the era that this house was built.

Before we started the cabinet facelift project, Mac’s cabinets were covered in grease and had old (not in a good way) hardware.


After giving the cabinets a crisp white, I scoured the Internet to find the perfect hardware. I wanted a little extra detail that would not be in most homes.


Using my thrifted vintage canister set as my guide, I wanted to match my front door blue and my DIY curtain pillows. I discovered a neat little shop, Lew’s Hardware. They had such neat retro goodies that I just fell in love!


I chose Robin’s Egg Blue cabinet pulls. They cost more than any other cabinet hardware I’ve ever purchased, but what a fun accent to tie in the retro era and the fun blue that I plan to incorporate everywhere!


Not only do these fun cabinet pulls match my canister set perfectly, they are a pop of color against my white cabinets! They had tons of other colors available, and I’ve been really happy with the quality!



5 thoughts on “Kitchen Bling

  1. The cabinet pulls are fabulous! Love the color on them and the canisters. You know I’ve got the same canisters from my mom and dad’s home. I grew up with them. But this is the first time I’ve seen them in color. I’m wondering if I could somehow change mine to a color or is that crazy? The ones I have are at least fifty years old. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the post.

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