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DIY Curtain Pillows

In my last post, I mentioned that the front door color will infiltrate every part of this house. I wasn’t lying. I think that fun blue has a hint of retro and modern which is perfect for my design concept of this house! I’m not painting the walls such a bold color, but I’m throwing in accents wherever I can!

I recently purchased a hand-me-down modern retro couch that I LOVE. I actually bought a brand new modern retro couch, barely got the new off of it, and decided I hated it. I didn’t like the “chofa” design and it wasn’t very comfortable, so I sold it and got this much less expensive one. Except for making my dad move two couches in less than 6 months, it was a great decision!


The couch came with three accent pillows that I did NOT care for at all. I didn’t like the color and they weren’t puffy enough for me. I’ve dealt with that minor design problem for the last couple months, but while strolling through a local thrift store, I was inspired! I found 3 curtains for $6. I’m saving two for my kitchen, but the third one was perfect for this little project! The only flaw was that the back sides (that had been facing the window) were faded. That didn’t bother me in the least because I had no intentions of using them as curtains!


I began by cutting up the curtains. Using my existing throw pillows as size templates, I cut several squares & rectangles. After I had the curtains all cut up, I ironed all of the shapes. From there, I then pinned them together WRONG side out. Even though I’m not a master seamstress, I can use my sewing machine for simple projects like pillows. So, I sewed almost of the edges shut but left a few inches open in the corner. I then removed all of the stuffing from the original throw pillows and added to the “new” pillow forms. I even added more stuffing because I like fluffy pillows!


For $2 and very minimal effort, I have fluffy throw pillows that tie in my accent color. It didn’t hurt that part of Mac’s chevron afghan had bits of that same blue!


9 thoughts on “DIY Curtain Pillows

  1. I’m thinking of changing my name to vintage! Vintage and shabby chic,can’t go wrong. Love your frames. And especially the memories it gives you. Just found your blog,will be back.

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