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Project Blah to BOLD!

At some point, Grandma must have had the front door replaced for some reason. Most doors in this neighborhood were built with wood hollow doors. Grandma’s was a wood door with steel casing– better for safety & efficiency. There was only one problem.

Flip 3 Grandma's House 044

It was BLAH ugly!


But when you have a good door that isn’t cheap, you salvage it instead of replacing it. Yes, it was the factory-grade steel finish, but it had potential–as with most things in this house!

Do you remember my teaser post? I went BOLD on the front door because I want every part of the curb appeal to scream character & charm.


The color is Ocean Whisper, and I got it in the Olympic brand because it was cheaper than Valspar. I chose an eggshell finish. Even though the paint was a paint/primer mix, I still opted to do a manual coat of primer because what you can’t see is all of the stains from animals and wear/tear. I didn’t want to reply on a paint/primer mix to cover all of that.


I taped off the window insert & hardware, and I primed the entire door. Outside AND inside. I know many people probably wouldn’t paint on the inside too, but I just HATED that blah color. Plus, as you’ll see, this color blueish-green will infiltrate every part of this house in the final stages, so I wanted to incorporate it into the interior as well.

waverly paint.jpeg

I know many of you are on the chalk paint kick, and I am too. I was a SLOW convert because I started with the expensive brands and HATED them. After talking with a fellow crafter, she introduced me to Waverly chalk paint at Walmart! They’re so cheap and the coverage is fantastic! Even better, they’ve recently added more colors and even tiny bottles for little jobs. I used one of those tiny $2 bottles to paint the window trim. The window trim is actually a plastic type material, and I knew regular latex paint wouldn’t adhere and stay.


This transformation cost about $15 and took me an afternoon. I put two coats of the paint and about 3 coats of the chalk paint.


I’m obviously not done with the front porch. I still have a few more projects up my sleeve, but I LOVE my “new” door.


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