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HOW I Do What I Do

I’ve talked about why I do what I do…but a closely related, and equally as important topic, is HOW I do it. Disclaimer: It isn’t easy & I’ve made more mistakes than I can count. In this world of house flipping, there are two fundamental things that make it enormously challening: I’m a girl…in a… Continue reading HOW I Do What I Do

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Familiar Curtains

Remember my DIY Curtain pillows? The perfect resource for single curtain panels is to repurpose them! When I purchased that curtain, I actually purchased two more matching ones! There were three of the teal curtains, and I knew I could use two as actual curtains. I didn’t want them in the living room with the… Continue reading Familiar Curtains

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“New” End Tables

I don’t like new furniture for a couple of reasons: I hate the price. I don’t like paying retail for anything- furniture included! They seem to have no character. I see mass produced furniture, and it’s just not my style! Since I’m decorating with a modern-retro design scheme, I want that to be reflected in… Continue reading “New” End Tables

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The Not-So-Normal Kitchen Island

Remember my tiny, cramped kitchen before? Remember the massive peninsula that took up so much room in the kitchen that it made the kitchen look miniscule? Remember the retro, faded countertops? Remember the honey oak cabinets? Remember the stick-on tiles? Remember the large dividing wall that made the space even smaller? Yeah..that’s all gone now.… Continue reading The Not-So-Normal Kitchen Island

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Not only as a house flipper, but also as a Realtor there is one mantra I preach in home shopping: POTENTIAL. Don’t look at a house as-is (even if it’s new construction!)…look at how YOU can make it YOU. Look for potential! Ugly wallpaper, paneling, harvest gold appliances, shag carpet…none of that bothers me. The… Continue reading Potential.