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Retro Bathroom Plans

Remember the green bathroom?

Flip 3 Bathroom 001

That mint green tile is straight out of the mid 1960s…and you know what most house flippers would do? Rip it out.

I’m not.

I’m going bold in the world of house flipping. I’m keeping that retro green tile (b/c I love it), and accenting with retro designs! I plan to convert that single sink vanity into a double sink vanity with retro-inspired countertops from Wilson Art! Their Aqua Ripple design appears vintage, but it’s a new line. The minty green matches almost perfectly with the tile!

aqua ripple

I will be using rectangular vessel sinks and pairing them with vintage-inspired faucets from Pfister.

bathroom faucet

And my last big update in this bathroom will be the floors. I’ll be ripping up the square tiles that my dad laid several years ago and replacing with vintage-inspired hexagon tiles.

hexagon tile.jpg

The green bathroom will be the last thing I do before I’m ready to sell. I’m actually just about to begin a little project in the utility bathroom that will completely transform that space too!



10 thoughts on “Retro Bathroom Plans

  1. I’m so glad you’re keeping the green tile … I think it’s awesome …can’t wait to see the end results..

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