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Landscape Update

I’m slowly, very slowly, starting on the jungle. There was an existing flower bed on the south side, but it was just full of grass clippings and one really overgrown rose bush. As I started clearing it out, I discovered something about Grandpa Mac…he LOVED his bricks. On this side of the house alone, there are near 70 bricks (3 deep) buried in the ground. So I actually ended up spending most of my day digging those up.


I will eventually reuse those bricks to line the flower beds. I am creating several new flower beds, so I need a good edge (and I love free).


I haven’t fully decided what to plant on this side yet. On the corner, I have planted some lilies and lavender.


I have removed the mailbox that was temporarily installed for Mac, and it left a large open space. I have always loved elephant ears, so I bought some bulbs at Walmart. They are coming up nicely, and it’s so fun to see them shoot up and grow bigger every day!

It has been raining nonstop here, so my work outside has been greatly limited. Now that it’s clearing, my work will resume outside. I hope to have the flower beds completely dug and planted by end of summer!



3 thoughts on “Landscape Update

  1. Next to the two elephant ears, is that one of the mint family members? Do you know that it is invasive and will continue to spread through the roots? The only way to keep it from spreading is to pot it.

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