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Preserving Family History

When we were going through the monumental task of sorting Mac’s belongings after she passed away, there were some items that we just couldn’t stand to give away or trash. One of them was a coffee table.


A broken, faded, old coffee table. When I picked up, it literally fell apart in dozens of pieces. And still, we couldn’t get rid of it. This piece was purchased in Detroit by my aunt in the late 1950s/early 60s and she gave it to Mac and Grandpa. Even in its rough shape, Mac would never have allowed anyone to get rid of it, so we couldn’t get rid of it after she passed away.  Instead, it became a labor of love. I spent several days putting the table back together…piece by piece.


I scrubbed and cleaned. I took an SOS to the laminate top and shelf. I glued the brass bars back in place. And finally, it was one piece again. Rough, but in one piece. Once it was a solid coffee table again, I took some Waverly’s Silver Lining chalkpaint and touched up the sides and legs.(By the way, LOOOOVE Waverly’s chalk paint & price!).


This was a fun piece to work on because I knew it meant so much to Grandma Mac. It was her heirloom piece that I will now keep as my heirloom piece. I added my $1 Cabinet Tray to the top and some of my treasures.


Since my decor is all modern retro, this piece fits perfectly! It’s smaller in size since it’s authentic retro and perfect for the space.


I’m so happy I was able to salvage this piece and bring its original life and character back. More importantly, I’m glad I have something that was so important to Mac.



8 thoughts on “Preserving Family History

  1. I love, love, love your coffee table! I would much rather have pieces of furniture that someone I know owned over store bought items. My house is full of used furniture! I don’t care that nothing matches because I’m always surrounded by pieces of my family. Great job of the table and the room!

  2. Thanks for the memories.
    I too grew up in Detroit, and loved it, with all the Aunts & uncles passing around and along furniture. Through the years I remember the words “this belonged to _____ would you put in your attic/basement for me..and take good care of it”, Needless to say I ended up with a lot of STUFF which mostly got discarded every time I moved however, I am now a “pack rat”. so whatever you need I’m sure to have it!

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