Flip #3

Laundry Room Update

Remember the cramped, dated laundry room? When Mac was alive, it was also the cats room. So it, uh, needed a DEEEEP cleaning. As in, ripping up the flooring.


I started by ripping up the retro linoleum. It was once white with blue and gold marble pattern. Over time, it had yellowed (with help from the cats) and was significantly curling up.


I decided to tackle this job on a day I was particularly mad at the world so I could transfer all my anger on to that floor! It works every time!


However, when I started peeling, I got a surprise. Even having the benefit of this house only being owned by Mac and my Dad as a source of history of the house, I still had a surprise. I did not remember Mac ever having different flooring in the laundry room than the blueish marble. Apparently, before my time, there was previous linoleum. Does it look familiar? Like the exact same pattern I covered up in my $50 floor?!


After a few hours, I had all of the layers of sheet vinyl out and glue scraped. My hands were quite sore the next day, but, I promise, saving these kind of jobs when you’re upset is the best way to tackle them! Ideally, I wanted to put tile in the laundry room; however, I was already getting real close to being over budget and the price point on this house really limits the choices I can make and still leave with a profit, so I did something I thought I’d never do in a flip. I put sheet vinyl in a house.

BUUUUUUT, in my defense, sheet vinyl has come a long way since the days of Mac’s gold vinyl on the bottom layer! I used a local company and chose some over their overstock (to save money!). I wanted a neutral tan and gray mixture.


I was really satisfied with the final product. It looks quite similar to tile, the texture feels like tile…it just didn’t have the price tag of tile. So, in a house flip, I’m happy!


After installing the floors, the laundry room has really become neglected. There are some plumbing issues, so the half bath part of the room isn’t used currently. And I’ve got other projects going, so I really haven’t done much in there. I did, however, find the perfect vintage-inspired mirror at a thrift store, so I will get that hung soon. I also have another big project planned for this room later this summer.



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