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HGTV Spotlight

You may recall my DIY Postcard display. Well, through the course of time, that little project made its way to a writer for HGTV. Last month I was asked to do a brief interview and spotlight for HGTV’s website. It was a fun surprise, so, of course, I agreed!

DSC00577-Edit copy.jpg

After completing the interview, Staci, from Staci Coston Photography

, took beautiful pictures for the website. I know Staci from college, and through the world of Facebook, we’ve been able to keep in touch. She is now a photographer, and she did a great job for HGTV!

DSC00570-Edit-2 copy.jpg

The article went live yesterday. It’s surreal to see my name and my project and my living room on HGTV’s website. It’s really exciting!


The article I’m featured in is a compilation of ideas about how to decorate with your souvenirs. Since vacation season is starting, many of us will be purchasing little treasures and trinkets on our trips. HGTV has profiled 19 creative ways to turn those treasures into beautiful home decor!

Be sure to check out the article here.


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